Please give us info about luck perk



There is so many speculations and unclarity around how the luck perk actually works.

Many of us would really appreciate some details around what it really does

+1 On this, I sure would like an official statement on this…

To give details about the luck perk, they’d have to give details about how “luck” works in COF.


And I doubt they really want that… :grinning:

Why would it be a secret :stuck_out_tongue:

Cause if it wasn’t a secret, they would talk about it. :wink:

Or maybe they just dont understand it themselves :stuck_out_tongue:

Cause luck has a direct impact on the game’s economy, and I’m sure that part of the game is much more elaborated than the gameplay part.

I randomly found this powerpoint presentation one day which shows how well-thought the monetization is. :slight_smile:

I would understand if we were discussing the probability of getting gems in the chests since they are the $ currency,

however chests mostly contains other things… i get 1 chest with gems every 2 months or less.


All we are asking is the probability to open one of theese chests with random content i dont care about the chance of finding the gems because that is something i already concider like a 0,000001% chance :stuck_out_tongue:


If they cant explain how a perk works then better not to implent it  at all


We need to know more.

+1 knowledge is power

make this topic hot guys

Well as i can see it’s a free web where everybody can be part of it sharing its own slides and take a look to others, otherwise if they wanted to keep it private, they would have chosen another way in my opinion.

Then I think we shouldn’t be surprised of this, we should know more or less how it works around, i mean it’s obvious they have to implement something into the game to take advantages, it’s the normal process for all kind of “free to play” games around store.

Sure the money-making strategy is obvious. My point was that we know now that Windows users are a significant proportion of customers and therefore Flare should not ignore the imbalances that prevent Windows users from experiencing the whole game. Ex. Tapjoy, notifications etc.

Aether if you see this can you please foreward to a dev about this perk?


Like the way they explained skull bonus



What I know about the luck Perk is that it increases your chances of getting chests.

Also, it doesn’t only work for the first chest, but it may happen after the first chest that you get your second, or even third chest more easily.

So when I got 23% luck perk it means that I have the base chance + 23% to open all chests?


Im assuming the base % chance for opening the first chest is rather high and with my high luck perk I should almost be at 100%?

but I fail very often, especially after many raids.


Do you have the % chance of opening the 1st, 2nd and 3rd chest? It would be really useful for planning and seeing if luck perk really works as intended and how much % you need to be 100% on 1st if its possible.


So if say opening 2nd chest has 30 chance (just random number) and I got 30% luck I have 60% chance to open it?

I did not use the luck perk anymore after my first tries with round about 35%. I failed more often than without this perk in this time.

I don’t think fog have a calculation on this coz all is base on luck,but u will realize after the blacksmith appear,the chest contain more gears for u to open.last time normally less gears,maybe u need to meltdown the gears and fog earn gold from that

Fog*=fg(flare games)typo error