Please give us this REAL STATS!!!! (It's really not that much to ask!)

So they recently did a bunch of rebalancing…

And to be clear most of the changes, I’m really on board with!

But in the announcement you’ll see it says they changed the Gargoyle Tower’s Weakness to Blizzard from 500% to 300%!

But!  But!  But!

The game always has… and still does say 100% Weakness Ice!

So is it a typo?  Did they mean Weakness to Ice not Blizzard?

Because Blizzard says it does Ice Damage. 

But apparently that’s wrong it does it’s own special “Blizzard” Damage with stats they aren’t giving us!

And is this only the tip of the iceberg?  What damage does Sonic Blast do?  We know Blade Storm’s doing it’s own freaking thing!

Is it really that much to ask them to put the real freaking fracking fudging flipping STATS in the game?

I’ve been bitching about this forever!








Not gonna spoil your fun, but the changelog specifically mentions “Weakness to Blizzard Spell”.

Therefore, Weakness to Ice is probably Froster and King Ice Damage.

I corrected it, thanks for the note, thought that was a typo!

it’s time to get used to it! We always need to guess what they mean in mind

This is a nerd game, nerds need real stats.  It’s a fact!

Personally I think they fudge the stats to make players who are number crunchers have a harder time figuring out what it would take to win. It is in every aspect of the game with exception to only few things like farm gear stat. Would not surprise me if the overlords of this game come and take that also.