Please help how can won

Hello In magic caster tree in kings palace was a next to the gems.  

Sometimes moving make ogre to strong and make a very many attack but how it was when moving the frosted forward or next to a bombing tower with a skull bombs when you want make complete the raids?

If make screm the cannons go in corners make fire but it hit also more faster when doing aggressive attack moves what was best in counter killing the tower when using hims?

I don’t understand a thing …

LOL I think nobody can. Good to know i am not alone then…

After assessing various sources and dictionaries, including Google Translate, with meetings with profound language specialists, I have come up with a rough translation:

"I am a King, living in a throne room [kings palace] with lots of gems. Ogres move forward fast and attack fast but are still damn slow [frosted] compared to these annoying burst bomb and skull towers. How are we meant to complete raids because of this?

If we use scream and cannons, they can fire fast but get attacked fast as well when attacking. Are we meant to use hymns against towers? ■■■■■■ Flare have messed up again."

Feel free to correct me if I haven’t translated well in places.

Yes is what means when moved with a ogres sometime if moving together with a kings ogre it will push forward but make a big screm sometime ogre not readily to make forward squeeze in battle fields lane. 

Also when make perk to a magic ability why sometime roller around moving it make stop no upgrade comes? I must double click to make a faster precision in sources of make success in a upgrade if tried many times how many can failed him?

Many thanks 

LOL nice try. Nice topic :lol:. its just a joke right good one. Nice Macamus

Scream not Ogre for the corner whilst sometimes scarce but always precise and common. Progress upgrades in lane from the pocket, tower cannons with the necro perk, not you should but they can.

Moderator, I’m sure that answers the question perfectly and clearly, and it’s time to button this thread up.

I think Macamus should get a warning point for making fun of non native english speakers in this forum.

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Please, tell me how you can win in the pro league!

Pleawe can see in game modus of pro leagues in many different variety it is a troops and spells alternated not same in many type in the cup of pro leagues.

Sometime wonder is good make a many troop low in a Morales or can see used the higher Morales units but if it I are deds can not make use in unit for survival in retreat the troops of glorious kings army.


А почему профессиональная лига на ПК в Windows 10 сложнее, чем на телефоне?

Not much to really tell, but, don’t go far ahead of your troops. Don’t go too slow. Make sure you have enough time to get 100% on every round (until level 12, of course)

In other words, do good and win. :stuck_out_tongue: :wink: