Please help me tranfer my ID to phone

My ID feedback to 9the computer before the phone warranty. Now my phone was fixed the problems. Currently, I do not often play on the computer. I want feedback on the phone to play more. Because I was playing on computer should have some information about the gems, the pearl has changed. I tried to contact the ID feedback but can not reach you.

MY OLd Id on computer is : prasad krish

My LEVEl is 55

My Gems 251

My Pearls 2117

Throne Room lvl is 9 i ll tell all imformaton to transfer plz help me honour

PLz tranfer war gng to start today plz

My new id on phone is bittu krish1

Level is 4

i m waiting for ur reply :slightly_frowning_face:

Please reply honour :slightly_frowning_face: