Please help with Refining regular items and uniques!

Does the value of the perk on the dismantling item determine the refining stats on the unique item?

Does the value of the perk on the dismantling item determine the stats on a regular item to be refined?

Which is better among the two regarding both unique items and regular items,Refining with a 5* silver titan or 5* gold titan?

please help anyone.Thanks in advance



Gold is better but more expensive.


Thank you very much.A few more questions please.

If the dismantling item is a ring,which perks will get transferred? i mean if a ring has LOH,CD and DR as perks,if i refine the Hercs claws with it,which one will get transferred?

it would be a lottery this way. every stat shown on a ring is a perk and can be transferred. you need to block those you dont want to transfer and those that you want to transfer have to be moveable (= perks).

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Oh…thank you.So a 5* gold titan forge is better for both uniques and regular items?

for uniques yes.
for regular items also (if propper forged), but depending what you do you can also make really cool regular silver items. uniques have an inherent offset of item level, but you can forge more levels onto regular items. just forging a regular item until its gold might not be better than a unique item.

i personally use some gold refined uniques while using other uniques unrefined. and make regular silver items atm that suit my needs better. i find them easier to maintain and i still need to catch up forging items. for me, gold is endlevel unless i really need them which is the case e.g. for my GK. atm he uses one regular gold item among a gold unique and 2 silver items. the gold regular replaced the other gold unique.

i find uniques great to get fast good values and you can use old items to level them up.

but everbody has its own style i assume, depending on their time and effort and gems they are willing to spend.

edit: for some gold refined uniques i like the better base stat compared to the bronce unique and for some i like the high perk value if they are unrefined.

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Would you advise refining apples since i got to know that CD is a major perk and also would you recommend for me to level up above lvl 122 since the matchmaking is worst i hear?

oh i just have one and like it unrefined (lvl148). if i have 3 someday i would maybe try but until that i have made better normal items i assume.
and i also find it easier just to forge uniques while levelling up (at least thats what i did) bc if a unique once is golden you will need golden 5* titans to maintain them. if you would just use a bronce 5* titan to forge a golden unique, the values will get diluted badly.

but flare has some plan for uniques, so idk what would be better after they maybe change some mechanics there.

all the best and keep on playing/levelling in a healthy way.

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Thanks for your time,i really appreciate your help.

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Guys…if i already have a 5* titan gold unique and i want to increase its stats as per my ascension lvl,which item should i forge it with,a 5* bronze,5* silver or 5* gold titan?

Such thing doesn’t exist. Either it’s 5* Titan gold, or gold unique (unique doesn’t have star, but we still say “gold” to highlight the fact that 2 perks have been added to it).

Let’s assume that your question was about the gold unique, yes, the best way would be upgrade it by dismantling a 5* gold titan. But pay attention to the perks on your dismantling 5* gold titan.

sorry my bad.It is unique with 4 perks.

My actual question is if i have made a golden unique at lvl 120 and after reaching lvl 130 or so, i want to bring its stats to my current ascension lvl.With which item should i forge it with?

No problem, I guess I have answered your question then :wink:.

But if I can permit myself to give you an advise: avoid making any gold item, be it regular or unique, until you really know what you are doing. The cost to make such item isn’t a joke!

I made a “gold unique” when I was at lv104-105, when the refine system was introduced. I still have that item in my inventory, to remind me of that mistake.

But then, one learns though mistakes…

Thank you but i didn’t quite get it.In order to increase its stats,should i forge it with a 5* bronze or 5* silver or 5* gold?

If i forge it with a 5* silver or 5* gold,wouldn’t the already existing perks get changed?

Your question has been answered, right here in this forum.

Trace back the history of my activities in this forum, pay attention to topic with forging uniques in its name, you will find it. Don’t get me wrong, it’d take me as much as it’d take you to find that specific post.


Oh…thank you.

you can try e.g. something like this:
using the “@Marinien” tag also in the search function filters the results of the search word “refine” to those what marinien wrote. of you can also search for what dumpster, philstar, archimides, captain morgan and others have wrote for “refine” or you can also search for “forge” and so on.

you can spend days :smiley: happy learning


Thank you so much for the insights.I am new to using this forum and really appreciate your help.


@Marinien and @dumpster, I have read one of your posts as if you want a shiny good looking item,refine a unique item with a gold item but if you want a really strong item,go for the max-forge refine.What is the max-forge refine process? Please explain

It’s called looping. Basically, instead of dismantling a bronze item to refine a silver item (and make a gold item), you do the opposite. You dismantle a silver item to refine a bronze item to make a new silver item. The perk that you transfer, after a superforge cycle, will become stronger than before, to a certain extend. You need to repeat these cycles, of course. That’s why it’s called looping. You “loop” the chosen perk.