please help!

if someone has gems and don’t want to use them please help me. Give a gems to Elichiro Oda. Please help!!!

:slight_smile:  hahahahaha :slight_smile:

Help me!!! Please!
I also take gems if someone doesn’t want :grinning:

I’d give you some gems … but I have a cartel agreement with Flaregames - I don’t give gems and they don’t post humor on this forum :slight_smile:


I like your joke. Strengthen your base & Win leagues.

KKStar, why U`r so greedy :grinning: ?


Hehe, guys, if you need gems, you should re-phrase your requests.

For example, you could say:

  1. I have the best base in the game, do challenge me!

  2. My base will be opened throughout the whole season, do raid me!

  3. I have left 15M in my chamber unprotected… Who wants a bite?

  4. You can repeat this mantra all the time: Gems, come to me… :slight_smile:

Then, probably many will raid you and you will get at least some gems from these raids.

In the meanwhile, keep tapping the grey house every morning. In 2 years you will be able to buy a useless ring from granny…

Good luck with the gems :slight_smile:

It’s called a helping hand :wink:  THANKS!!!

Well, yes trap bases are my main source of gem income. Some drop more than 15 gems in just 1 raid & still end up failing. They aren’t made for RR2 :lol:

I haven’t opened up a gem factory that I’ll drop gems, lol. I can only drop some trophies, when I wish to lose trophies.

I had seen eroe asking for trophies. I gave him some a week ago.

Need gems…

Open ur base keep gold in treasure n try to raid but need to failed for loosing medals try to keep 1200 medal n put base… u will get gems sure… Try it

I don’t know if I can post names here, but have a couple that keep scrolling my base. One  has give me up to 40 gems a day. He died at least 3 times and use around 9 scrolls a time. Even through I like the gems I grew tried of it after some time. 

tell him to attack me ? i need gems ? i won’t feel frustrated… Any time he will be welcome…

After a while it got old and grew tried of hitting him to get him to scroll me. But if you want me to I can pm you his


I have a wonderful harasser as well. He leaves ~30+ gems each time. Talked to him once and he said he does it for fun… The problem is that he forgets to visit his old friend sometimes… :slightly_frowning_face:

The way to remind him that i need more gems is to raid him and to lose on purpose at 0%.

He’s mine, not sharing his name. :slight_smile: Advise you to do the same.

Lol, I told him to stop raiding and I would do the same. Pick him up a wars ago. I have gotten up to 65 in 3 attacks. Last event was able to upgrade spells and troops a lot so not as fun anymore.Need gold more then gems right now also. He was perfect target too. Nobody very big in his alliance.

Hehe, William, you’re wrong. Gems should be always welcomed… :slight_smile:

You’re right Edward, But I have maxed My Alliance Tower and have 8 workers that I have a hard time finding work for plus spells, troops and waves.He only gives me 20k gold to attack and when he raids me it’s 300k to 600k each time even when he only gets 27%. Most times it’s 40 gems a day that I get from him. I may spend it on COF or something like that . 40 gems equals 40 cents at best and he is spending in the hundreds attacking. It’s unfair for both of us to keep hitting each other and a waste of both  are time. I enjoy a little feud in game but like it better when we are close to the same strength(maybe slightly in my favour lol ).

Actually, I was thinking of this issue lately. When you get your allitower maxed and open all 8 slots at the blackie workshop, you don’t need gems anymore…

So, if you are high enough level (granny items stops to be relevant) and if your alliance does not force you to open all the chests, gems become useless. Maybe only for scrolling the top.

So, probably in your case you don’t need those raids, it’s just annoying.

Well by using gems during blacksmith events you will make aloooooot more pearls and pearls is something you will run extremely fast out off if you perk everything constantly