please i need help

does anybody know what hapend when you try to pump mastery ? I mean i notice when i last time try to pump my demolition chance first time go for example 2,0 procent then for next it cost 1k gold then go down on 1procent next time go up and then again go down ?? I mean wtf ?! should be with ewery rerol go up ?? What is with this game everything have some double mining ?? and what is with daily reward they are locked ?? I cant pick up ? I will relay be thankful iff somebody’s now the answer especially for mastery cost 

1.About Masteries System

I will explain more in details with screenshot

Here you can see I have +2.41% Health Bonus for all Heroes. You see the icon are in green that means my % was horrible and far of the maximum. I need 125 Fame to gain others masteries

After 5 or 6 odyssey and when I will fill up all my masteries after I will be able to change them or improve them. After got all 5 masteries you must gain more Fames for change them,keep them or improve each of them

If by example after fill all my masteries I get I don’t know Speed at 1.50% on a maximum of maybe 8.30% and want to replace my Attack Speed. if I reroll then I can get 2.78% I am not satisfy so I will spend more resources to reroll again this time I get 5.61%. I am not satisfy so i spend more resources and reroll to get finally 7.78% and take it and replace the Attack Speed by Speed. That will give a godlike icon in yellow because is very close of the maximum %

Next time if I have Health Bonus at 2.41% I want to replace it. I can did it and change it for Frostbite at 4.45% if i have the necessary fames

2.About The Cost of Masteries

(thanks god I have keep my old video about 3.6.0 when masteries was added in the game)

the masteries systems have categories for each of them. Reroll the categories will cost you Wisdoms. More you reroll and more the Wisdoms will up.

When you have find the one you want. Reroll quality will cost you gold. So at the beginning can cost you 5K and you reroll for 50k you are not satisfy of the % you reroll again for 125k. You are not satisfy again you reroll for 250K. You are not satisfy you reroll again for 400K and so on… More you try and more the cost with up

the Reroll quality icon are green,blue,purple.yellow and red. This will indicate if your % is low or max. Like chest that determinate the quality of each masteries. Green are worst and Titan the best. If by example you have got 1.50% for Attack Speed on 6.75% he will be in green. Next time you improve it and change it for 2.75% on 7.30% he will be in blue, next time you up it at 4.75% on 8.20% he will be in eternal in purple. Next time you get 6.78% on 9.40% he will be in yellow for godlike and finally if the next time you got 9.50% on 9.70% he will be in red for Titan

Remember Reroll Masteries category cost Wisdoms and Reroll Quality cost Gold. So think wisely of what you want and what kind of quality you want

3.About Daily Rewards

For daily reward like the name is a daily reward. you obtain a free chest each day. Just connect and enter the game and collect your chest. You have a timer who indicate when is the next one

Like you can see in this screenshot. My next chest is available in 5 hours so in 5 hours I just need to connect and enter in the game go in upper of the screen in daily gifts and collect my chest and so on for the next one

“Reroll masteries” will let you pick on which 2 (or 3 at higher prestige) masteries you want to choose.
“Reroll quality” simply means you use gold to get the highest available percentage of your chosen mastery. Just keep on using “reroll quality” until you get the gold one. You can notice this when the mastery has the gold aura in its background.

That’s pretty much it. Basic stuff.

Just to add something, although “reroll quality” can give you any value between the minimum and maximum one, it is said that the more wisdom you use - the higher are the odds of getting better items. Now, many players call bullsh1t on that, but I personally dont have any reasons not to trust Morgan just yet. It may be just the fact that the increase is minute enough to be unnoticeable 

It seems to be true, and I reroll to max out masteries pretty often. They trend up the more you spend. This doesn’t mean that every click will be higher than the last, though. 

thank you people all off you for your time and answer i preciate that , you help me a lot