Please improve the Pal A.I. already

I’m coming extremely frustrated here just after having written this topic.

I have never seen a Pal act as stupidly uncooperative as Phoebe did in this current “Pro Pro League” (what a joke). Beyond any doubt, I am more than convinced the Pal’s A.I. - movement in particular - requires a drastic change.

1. Pal Movement.

As it stands, we all know how Pals currently move about:

  • Whenever we run ahead, the Pal immediatelly falls behind us and remains behind us, often at a range grater than 5, which can make them miss their ability, as at least some of the Pals’ abilities have a range lower than 5 (looking at you in particular, Phoebe…).
  • This disincentivizes pushing forward (as you cannot rely on your Pal’s ability to reach you, since you’re running ahead), which is in direct opposition of what the game initially teaches you as a player, meaning that you are actually supposed to run ahead as often as possible in order for all your damaging Spells to reach and affect as many obstacles within a single Spell use as possible. Hope you can see how this is confusing to eachother, not just the Player.
  • As I’ve mentioned on multiple occasions, the game doesn’t do a good enough job of teaching the Player or providing information, so this is just another needle in the haystack of said issue, and could be improved upon.

Given my experience of enjoying the game for 3 or 4 years now, I believe the Pals’ movement ought to be changed as follows:

  • The Pal’s A.I. needs to have a “movement leash range” implemented, meaning that the moment it strays away from the King/Queen further than X range, it is automatically forced to immediatelly run back to the King/Queen. In other words, the Pal should not be ever allowed to move away from the King/Queen further than a range of say, for example, 4 or 5 and should in other words remain “glued” to the Player at all times.
  • To help achieve this and ensure Pal’s behavior remains consistent, it’d also help if the Pal did not STOP and stand in place when unleashing their cooldown Ability, which is what they very often (or almost always?) do. Stop forcing the Pal to stop in its tracks just to cash an Ability, it’s silly and will make the Pal stay away from the Player at a distance greater than said 4-5 Range whenver this happens, which is the opposite of what we’d be trying to achieve here.

2. Pal Attack Priority.

Pals have another issue that the King/Queen has, which is the inability to focus on a target when there is more than 1 target within their attack range. This doesn’t happen extremely often, but often enough, and the easiest example to notice this is a simple combination of a Spike Trap followed by a Barricade, placed on 2 tiles next to eachother.

If you’re standing on the Spike Trap, your King/Queen and Pal will attack the Spike Trap. However, if you’re standing at the very far end of it and cannot move further, meaning you’re in range of a Barricade, that should then force both the Player and the Pal to focus their attacks on the Barricade instead. In that situation, you will always see your King/Queen and Pal delivering one normal attack to the Spike Trap, then the next to the Barricade, switching between both, distributing damage INEFFECTIVELY as a result. Maybe your spell coldowns are coming off in just 3s and you’d like to move forward to reach as many Towers further up as possible, but you cannot, because both your King/Queen and Pal failed to destroy the Barricade, instead splitting their attacks between said Barricade and the Spike Trap, destroying NONE in the process. This means you’ve wasted time and were ineffective.

The same issue also happens with a stack of 3 Towers at a U-turn; they’re just placed too close to eachother to effectively focus on a single tower at all times, albeit this is a far more managable situation than the Spike Trap/Barricade example.

And so this improvement would affect both the Pals and the Player equally.

As far as attacking units goes, your Pal should also immediatelly focus the same exact unit your King/Queen are attacking. This isn’t really feasible among a huge stack of enemy Units, but if we’re talking a single Wolf or an Ogre surrounded by no more than 3-5 other units, the Pal should have no trouble focusing the “big” Unit, just as the Player shouldn’t have an issue with it either.

3. Pal Ability.

As mentioned before, please remove the “forced stop” mechanic from Pals that prevents them from moving the moment they cast an Ability. This game is very much about effective and efficient movement around the battlefield, in order to achieve the maximum effectiveness of your Spells, so this behavior is an unnecessary detriment to your ability to be as effective as you possibly can in d estroying enemy structures and units.

Should I remember anything else, I’ll add it later.

Oh, and it’d be nice if you would refund a Pro League Ticket to all participants of the current Pro League, because Pheobe’s A.I. really single-handedly ruined it. If I am within 1-2 Range, it doesn’t heal me, but when I happen to be at range 3-4, it magically doesn’t fail to heal me. I’ll hold off my tongue as to what I think of this; have already said enough in the other topic.


Here’s what I think:

  1. Pals speeds should change according to the speed your hero set is at. This way you can have a fast hero and not leave your pal way behind

  2. We should get a pal icon on the screen during a battle (not in the mini-map, cause that wouldn’t be useful). The icon should be directly above where the pal is on the screen. Either this or make the pal’s ability bar (which is how we currently spot the pal) a different color, something that stands out

I noticed there is a bug with Phoebe’s skill range: it’s written 4 instead of 2. Flaregames and Keenflare confused the radius with the diameter.