Please increase the Variety of Colors in the Perk Icons

The basic attributes for weapons had a pretty good color selection: Red=Fire, Green=Poison, Gold=Money, Blue=Frost, with one conflict that should be fixed: Blue=Leadership.  (I propose changing that to white.)

But now, the perks are a mess…  So, so many of them are yellow.  Purple is unused, green is unused (for perks), gray is unused and the skulls are really basically a duplicate blue when the skull should be gray!

The reason I state this is it makes it easier when we are looking through our very large inventories to identify them by color.

You can take a look at their shapes and no more problems.




Attack Power is almost exactly the same as XP Boost.

I see different shapes, i don’t know for you…One has 8 sides rounded with an indentation of the sides around 70%-80%, the other picture (xp boost) has 10 sides not rounded with an indentation of the sides around of 20%. Moreover the Attack Power has a more intense yellow than the xp boost yellow.


First off, you should realize you’re looking at those images at almost 2000% scale and fine details don’t show up on a small screen.  

Albeit, ultimately, if you’re willing to argue that then we just have irreconcilable points of view. 

But that happens even to the best of people.