Please increase time between player attacks to 24 hours

Hi All,

This is a topic that was discussed in the past, but it is a problem I am dealing with in Royal Revolt 2 now.

(this is only in regards to non-Alliance war events) When a single opposing player (known as trophy strippers) can attack you 25 times with two different character accounts in one day when you are offline and do this for 3 days in a row, it can really take the fun out of climbing the leaderboard and feels that only people that are online 24/7 are awarded the most gains vs. people that have jobs that can’t keep playing online all the time.

Right now, there is a 1 hour attack cooldown (i think) after attacking a player 3 times.  I would like to suggest that the 1 hour cooldown be drastically increased to 24 hours after 3 attacks.   This way trophy strippers are not abusing other players who can’t be online all the time.


NO! Do NOT implement this 24 hour cooldown. I always need high gold amounts and
i’m “starving”, if i can’t attack my high gold targets more than 3 times a day. Thanks.

The trophy problem is only temporary anyways, because if the defense is “better” than
the current trophies, weaker players will attack, fail, and give loads of trophies.

I agree that getting gold is frustrating, which is a great point, but we have gold protection to counteract the negative effects of being farmed (assuming you have the gems to keep it up all the time).

What needs to happen is some kind of protection for trophies or drastic diminishing returns when being attacked by the same player within a 24 hour period to stop the abuse of being trophy stripped.  A player will stop attacking a good defense when they start losing trophies, but a weak defense will be abused constantly, which is not fun, and should not be gameplay that should be encouraged in a PVP setting when there is no protection against it aside from spending real money to boost defenses, which seems unfair to players who can’t really do that.