Please investigate this player

So there’s this guy, zaafar.tahir, who is pretty well known in the upper ranks.  He uses some tool/hack to be always online, and fills up his treasure chamber during that time.  Once every so often, the game kicks him off for 15-20 minutes, and we all get to use him for an ATM machine (3 straight raids of 600K+).  Fun times.


It’s super annoying that he exploits always being online, mostly because you can’t use him as an ATM machine whenever you want.  :stuck_out_tongue:


But now this is too much.


Here’s a screenshot of him in a tournament.  It’s nearly 10 hours into the tournament, and he has zero medals.  So he hasn’t attacked anyone for 10 hours.  But his treasure chamber is still clearly full.  If he’s not attacking people to refill it, he should have been cleaned out by now.


So either:

  1. He’s found some way to defeat the code that kicks you offline periodically
  2. He’s hacking to get his gold instead of attacking people for it.

I really don’t know what’s going on with this guy, but can you please look into it?  Nobody likes grinding out the gold for high level upgrades, so when someone appears to be cheating it’s a pretty big slap in the face to those of us (the dumb ones?) doing it the honest way.



There is one person always online too, can’t remember his ign. I attacked him once, easy and good loot, add him to fav list. Then he online 99% for 3 months+ until I removed him from my fav list. I was only able to raid him once in the 3 months time with hundreds tried.

3 months lol :wink:

this is due to my 7 days shield. it’s people like you due to which I bought this shield.

I aish there was a gem created ATM😉

Or he has an app that presses the “are you still there?” every 4 minutes


Gold shields don’t prevent you from being attacked.  But you are not attackable 24/7.  And if you had a gold shield, I’d never see a reward of 650K – it would protect the extra 500K and you’d only show the base reward of 150K.  I’m calling BS on your explanation.


I do see that you just now bought a gold shield (or were forced to log off and raided a bunch of times), because now your castle only rewards the base amount of gold and not the extra 500K.  But that was not the case before.  I took another screenshot with only 2 hours left in that tournament, and you were still at zero medals but your castle was still rewarding 650K gold.  And you were “online” when I tried to attack.


You always have a lot of gold in your treasure chamber, so that means you’d have to attack a lot of people – enough to at least maintain a position in a silver league (if not gold) given the number of medals rewarded by bases at your rank.  Yet here you are in a bronze league tournament, which implies you’ve attacked very little (if at all) for days in a row.  And the tournament record shows you definitely haven’t attacked anyone for at least 22 hours.  Maybe all your workers are busy, and you can’t spend more gold, so you’re not attacking anyone.  Yet somehow your treasure chamber has remained full, despite the fact that the game would have forced you offline and allowed you to be raided.


So my question is, how are you filling your treasure chamber up again without attacking anyone?  There are only two possible answers – you are using gems to constantly refill your treasure chamber with gold you can’t spend, or you are hacking somehow.  If I’m somehow mistaken then I apologize, but given the observable facts – including the fact that you’re obviously using a tool/hack to stay online 24/7 – this looks awfully suspicious.


[edited to attach screenshot]

there is an easy explanation, you are jealous of me and edited the picture, as you couldn’t use me as your personal ATM. Just like the way you blur your name from the picture.

The funny part is that the person being accused is here, lol :stuck_out_tongue:

Yep, jealousy is a powerful thing. Powerful enough to keep you online 24/7.

I honestly don’t care what you think. I blurred the names of other players out of respect for their privacy. If Flaregames cares and decides to investigate you, they have all the records to confirm that what I posted is true.

I don’t see you denying anything, though, just deflecting.

Well for this case to be solved, both of you must show us evidence, and space dog people are innocent unless proven guilty

I’m not so sure on that one

i did denied it, re=read my comment please.

There could be another explanation, he didn’t update the game. That what I thought the players online for 24/7 3 months+ in my fav list but not attackable.


It’s a heavy charge being made by spacedog. But his story really adds up, and there really no denial of the charges, just evasion. Flare, I hope you investigate this.


I don’t know spacedog and I don’t care about him getting any more money, but there should be an algorithm that makes a person have 1 battle per 6 hours of being online, or make 1 upgrade, buy an item, sell an item, or any other major event that requires real human input. And there should be a warning saying, “You will be logged off for 30 minutes if you have no major activity in the next hour”.


And if a person is on for 23 of 24 hours of the day, he should be kicked for a minimum of one hour.

Nope, I have been able to attack him occasionally over the past month or so, and when I can attack I’m always able to hit him 3 times in a row for ~600K each time. I actually had him my favorites list for a while, because with gold boosts he was worth almost 5 million in total.

The game kicks you offline and won’t let you log again for 15-20 minutes, after you’ve been online for several hours. I know because I’ve hit this limit a couple times while doing a lot of experimenting with my base design. Sometimes I’d get lucky and catch him during one of those windows.

I’m not one to report people for all the various ways they cheese the game mechanics to get ahead. It’s just poor sportsmanship, not outright cheating. But in this case I don’t see any way he can possibly keep his treasure chamber full for 22+ hours, without attacking anyone. Where is the gold magically coming from?

You say its poor sportsmanship of whatever he’s doing, even when you’re accusing him, and bieng a dick and constantly attacking him, now that’s poor sportsmanship

@spacedog due to your post my alliance have kicked me and now i have no elite boost. This is total BS publicity stun. At first I was taking you for fun but now its serious.

@flare when you find me not guilty, kindly take action against this person “spacedog” for all the harm he have cost me due to this topic.

The fact that someone is online all the time, can hardly be considered cheating.




The fact that he started to lie about 7-day shield   - says that he plays unfair!


So how do you explain what happened outside of gold shield? It would definitely say “Protected”.


I would have thought you would have replied, “There must be something wrong with the attack algorithm on my account. You should ask Flare, because that doesn’t seem right. I’ll investigate it, too, even if that’s bad for me”


But instead you were aggressive and called him jealous. That adds suspicion.


If your Pakistan Alliance kicked you because of cheating, they did the right thing and they should be applauded. It’s good to see honest folks out there.


If you weren’t cheating, then you should be re-instated. And Spacedog should owe you an apology.