please investigate

I Hi RR2 team.Please investigate player stephenyay.currently in my a space of 12 hours guy got 12k medals.i know it is possible but looking on his account even when he is buying food it is hard for me to believe there is no cheat in there.I might be wrong and if I am I will apologise but if i am wright people like him just ruin that game.Unless somebody can explain to me how people can achieve so much having such account like this player.thx

Well I think he is using unfair means but I don’t know how:-

1-he is level 47 so it is impossible for him to get 300 around medals every time he attack.

2-if I assume he is buying lot of food to play continuously,then also I didn’t get this why he didn’t upgraded his alliance tower.I mean he is the leader of his alliance and he has lot of gems to play continuously but doesn’t have sufficient to upgrade his alliance tower!!!

I think flare should investigate in this matter.

NOTE-if I am wrong…i apologize…

Thx very much least I know I am not the only one thinking that way.hopefully It will be sorted and I get my justice.less people like that more joy from game for decent people.

Yeah, it’s very strange seeing this thing, btw, i always meet low players beat me in league only for their low cost of bread per battle rather than me…

I saw people with 1,500 trophies around beat me in very easy way because of their low food, however a confirmation it’s the best way to exclude any time of scathe.

Also if he has offers possibility he can spend gems to buy food continuosly, why not.

Android OS players can get free food for days on end by watching videos. I’ve seen it. You can get 12,000 medals at 200 medals/base in under 3 hours of continuous playing. Which is why free food for some platforms over others is a bad idea. I have a couple of level 37 players closing in on me because of this. It’s frustrating. Just give everyone free food or more food to level the playing field. Windows players should be able to refill their silos for under 10 gems to even the playing field.

Yeah I understand that but there is a lot of ‘if’.There is a chance he might be very,very lucky but for me it is hard to believe.He can spent a real money to buy gems or food t o play more but he is a leader and he donates very little and his stats r so low.also I don’t remember what is the cost for battle food wise at this level but to be able to play a lot his farms would have to be maxed to give him plenty food.And there is no medal bonus for him as well so it is even harder to get that score.So … . I am gonna wait and see what is gonna happen with it and if I am wrong I will apologize.Thx for reading to all.

That is another problem as u said some players can just get free gems all the time when others like win8 users (like me) r always should be either taken away or made somehow fair for all.

All you have to do is hit “free food for 1 battle” on Android to get unlimited food for a period of time (weeks, even). It’s ridiculous. I hate the system. You should NOT be losing to the guy, but it’s probably Flare’s fault. It’s happening to me, too. I’ve posted about it elsewhere.

I know so annoying …

The free food for videos is not unlimited. I will usually get about 15 videos then I am told there are no more offers.

Hi guys,


I have to tell you about this 3 things:

  1. Nowdays if you want to win Diamond League you need 40 - 50’000 medals, because with the new update everybody has gold protection on (at least for 7 days), so collecting medals is not a race, than more a result of the continuous fighting.

  2. If you want to achieve your aims and collect enough gold for upgrade, you need to buy bread. A lot. But you can do it if you buy gems for real money.

  3. When I was a low ranked (and level) player I always wanted to fight against guys with higher amount of medals and trophies (e.g. with 15-25 trophies + 500-600 medals). There are 2 part of the game when you can collect a lot of medals: until you reach 2’000 trophies (at around king level 50-60) and if you go to the TOP1000 (because of rank bonus).


So, I think, he is not a cheater - more a payer player who wants to climb up fast.


But of course, it is just my opinion…


I’ve seen RR2 on an Android phone and it never quit giving free food over the course of days. Maybe it was a glitch. But it was 50+ battles. The player plays rarely, but when he plays he doesn’t have to stop even after hours of playing.

meh. I could earn more than that at lvl 47 -_-

Thx budakalasz for your is an open might be true what u r saying and I am not judging.maybe he is spending plenty real money for that I don’t know but I cost me.nothing to ask for check on him.if hi is fair player I’ll apologize but if not at least it will be one cheater less to deal with.Once again thx for your post.

Btw even without medal boost I once got 13k medals in about 4 hours. I had maybe 3 or 4 free food raids there, but definitely not dozens. 


Thus, I think 12k medals in 12 hours (3 times as much time) is very well possible if the 12 hours are not night where you sleep. Sure, I got about 600-650 medals per raid (by searching for high-medal opponents with beatable base, spending a nice amount of gold on match maker) on average on that “13k in 3 hours” raiding session, but I also have a food cost of about 200 bread per raid, so I had a rate of about 3 medals per bread…

And if you calculate and feel a difference between max farm bread supply and number of raids needed, don’t forget that on chamber of fortune you get enough bread for 1-2 more raids sometimes, which helped me there. And by the way, I did not spend a single gem on chamber retries, scrolls or additional bread there. 


So, to sum it up, 12k in 12h should be nothing impossible even at lower levels. Making those 12k all 12h (i.e. 72k in 3 days) on the other hand is something that is a lot harder to achieve (you know, real life, sleep, bad luck sometimes, etc etc). 

Why are you surprised?If a player has weak spells and troops, then he for weak base can get 400 and 500+ medals.



One person wrote that he raised one spell +1, and then for the same opponents he was given -70 medals.I myself remember well early in the game was getting 400-500 medals. During the first days of the game!

iOS hardly give me free food, can Android have ~5 free food video? On my iPad, only 1/5 chance there is free food

Free food videos are probably the greatest mystery of RR2, and they are mostly unpredictable… I have heard some people get always or at least sometimes a sheer unlimited amount of those videos (on both ios and android), others get only a few, some get none at all and many get a “random” amount each time they try (e.g. sometimes none at all, sometimes several videos in a row, …).


But the pure amount of videos isn’t even decisive as only 1 of 3 types of videos works properly… 10 videos of one of the other two types will give you exactly 0 food alltogether…