Please issue a patch to fix bugs before the big update

When there’s so many bugs in the game right now that affects the gameplay dramatically, it is better for Flare to issue a patch to fix the current bugs first before the major update, as there will possibly be new bugs with the new update.


Otherwise, bugs will stack on one another and it will be a big mess.

Or make bases for bug,

So we can attack them 24*7 and remove. ??

What kind of bugs are you refering to?

Honestly I’m not aware of them.

Agree. Kill those bugs before you pour the new ones on us!

Flare seemed to have completely forgotten their active players.
While waiting for the update new stuff should have been introduced, to keep people busy. Stuff like new items (Pro and Uber) or a new and (affordable) pal.

Plus, no change in the boring Ninja event for how long now? Do you remember this strange survey from Flaregames about what we prefer for those events?
Almost everybody I know said they had chosen Zombies or Yetis. If I remember correctly, Gala later mentioned everybody voted for Ninjas. Probably another buggy mistake in the survey itself. Now it seems we will be lucky if we see Zombies for Halloween. Not to mention a completely new unit for this neglected event.

Also, the release for the update (end of july) was only mentioned in the description of a Video. Not very official. Guess why…

Already the present bugs make some players lag,freeze and crash. Its not a smart move from Flare if they wait 3 weeks again to release 4.0. We all know its gonna big mess in the game at the end of July. Like OR with 4.0. The bugs have mess the game. Only 4.1.0 finally will fix all of thoses. Like few month after.

If Flare decide to not give us a patch update fix. I feel its gonna be the end of many players when 4.0 will arrive. Its obvious no one and I don’t like to play a game full of bugs and problem with freeze and crash. I like to play a game smooth,fast with no problem

So I think its gonna be better for Flare to think about this and give us a patch fix update. 3.9.3 will be a smart move right now

I have no lag/freeze or crash across 3 devices (android, windows 10, iPad), so those bugs are likely device/network specific issues, which are going to be very difficult to fix (if at all possible depending on the state of some users phones/PC with 10,000 malware apps running tracking their every move).

Hello there,

We will have a lot of bug fixes along with 4.0 coming out. I cannot confirm you what, but the list is pretty long and will make it for a more pleasant player experience.

Bug fix is a constant, we always fix them with Live Server Update or New Update.

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Many Thanks

For reply also,

Okay, good to hear.

Why not make the list public which bugs are being worked on? Would he a step towards catching up to the standard of other game companies and make things easier for players, devs and CMs.

Thanks for the update, that’s really good news.

Since it’s a major release, I’m hoping for some unit/spells re-balancing (e.g.: Pal Flute, Gargoyles,…)

It makes all sense, at least try to bring some old stuff back into the spotlight! please  :slight_smile:

The most annoying bug I run into is a disconnect when I try to do an advanced player search.

Because we don’t want to post something and realize we might not have the time to work on this bug or that fix. Things are moving all the time and it woudn’t be a reliable list. We have the watch-list for that.

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Just communicate on the bugs solved, it s a better way to communicate imo.


Which we will do via the Patch Note when 4.0 is out :slight_smile:

Always the same lame excuse. Just wait,wait and wait. People are tired to wait. Don’t ask why RR2 is dead right now. People leave because no fix happen,no support,nothing. Each week the number of inactive players grow more and more. 

Wait? Flare continue to wait. Its a huge mistake one more time. People will not wait 20 days or 25 days or whatever to have a game who work. They want a game who work right now.

Very sad you RR2 team don’t take this serious like OR team do for OR. Solve problem in really short period and not wait over 6 month to a fix.

so don’t ask if RR2 lose all players soon… no one will still in the game. continue to wait…I think people are tired to wait…

If OR have do this its a long time OR will be more then dead and be under a grave. I just don’t understand the bad worst logic behind this wait…wait…and wait…

we know the song 4.0 will arrive new bugs will happen and people will still wait another 2 month or more to have fix and so on…

I guess this will never end…Sad you don’t take this more serious

Warriornator, you shouldn’t take it out on Gala! At least she’s telling us when things are happening! It’s not her fault, it’s 100% the devs! It’s their responsibility to take care of the bugs, not Gala’s. She’s not technically part of the flare game team, if you know what I mean. She doesn’t develop things in the game or anything. She simply brings the suggestions that are most liked to the devs and also brings the bugs to the devs! That’s all she can do!

I have no clue why you mention this to me. If you have read carefully that why I don’t have quote her or mention her or talk about her. I know. I talk too about the RR2 dev. Who must learn to do a basic update bug fix like all others mobiles video game. Where you pass your time to do update. At least update of bugs fix. Not 1 month,2 month or 6 month later and wait for a big huge update lol. This strategies don’t work. At the final Flare will lose much then they gain (in number of players)

When you play whatever WWE Champions,March of Empire,Magic Rush,Forge of Empire,etc… each time the dev encounter bugs. Few days after we have a update. discover others bugs oh we have a another update and so on.

I don’t care pass each day on Microsoft store to download update after update but at least Flare must learn to do like OR do and give us update in regular basic

In OR we have pass 4.0.2 maybe 1 month ago to 4.0.3 few days ago and 4.0.4 yesterdays. Players report bugs and CaptainMorgan fix them and release a update just for bugs fix. Not 1,2 or 6 month later. Its ridiculous. RR2 Dev have a lot to learn from OR dev honestly. How to fix bugs and release more often update fix

The Watch-List…

You mean this one?

Last entry is from January. And as Tara is no longer with Flare, we seem to need a new one anyways.

I think having a real Bugfix list would encourage the devs to get those bugs fixed that have been overlooked for months and years. That would be a clear plus.

Wait, I just realize @flaretara is no longer with us here, and her username become “guest flaretara”?? What happen to her? ?

Wait, seriously? Perhaps something happened to her account?