Please "lock in" skull that can be gained from cof at the preview screen

There’s many times when I chose the highest trophy player in the list during war, I expect to get the highest skull amount in cof too (100 skulls if no shield, and 92 if all 8 shields activated), but alas, I get way lesser.

This could sometimes be that during that load screen, which can be fast or slow depending on flare’s own server, there may be tons of changes in trophies from the opponents side since it’s war and everyone is raiding.

This is really annoying actually.

I suggest to show the skull amount that one would get in cof at the preview raid screen itself (maybe below the amount of skulls that one can gain in the raid), and lock on to that amount, i.e the raider gets the exact amount in cof as shown in the preview. So if it shows 100 skulls in cof for max, the raider should get 100. It shouldn’t fluctuate like crazy just because of the delay in the server.

Alliances pay gold for shields just to reduce 8 skulls in cof that can be gained from the opponents (from 100 max to 92 max), the last thing we need is not to even get the amount of skull in cof we deserve after winning and sometimes after spending gems.