Please make RR2 Compatible with VR (Virtual Reality) devices

Hello FLARE,


I recommend you to make Royal Revolt 2 , compatible with the VR (Virtual Reality) devices like the Samsung VR and the Oculus Rift. As we all know the Virtual gaming is the next generation of gaming that is going to be introduced to the world. I have a Oculus Rift DK2 and a Samsung VR device.I have played many games like the “Euro Truck Simulator 2” and as a beta tester of official “Far Cry 4” these games are almost the best out there.


What Virtual Reality does is, it makes the player believe that he is in the real game world and he is playing like a Real survival human. Royal Revolt 2 is pretty much VR compatible if you start to make this game with future technology and present technology in the look.Playing Royal Revolt 2 on the Virtual player gives the players a feeling that they are the real world kings themselves playing in the battle field than looking through the Phone screen and playing.


Virtual Reality makeove and compatibility to Royal Revolt 2 will make a history re-written and this game will surely be a bench mark for many other game makers. With the VR mode availability in RR2 the experience of this game will reach a whole new level as the players get to think of more Reality in playing than just an ordinary game. There are many opportunities in VR gaming and it already has started. I personally recommend FLARE GAMES to make a one step forward leap than the industry competitors and enter the VR gaming world with “Royal Revolt 2” as your spear head game. I am sure the whole world will love it and will also appreciate the immense work if you make this game possible on the VR sets.


There are many VR sets available in the market like the “Google Cardboard”, unofficial versions of Cardboard VR’s are also present in the market for a very affordable price along with great and state of art, VR’s made by Samsung and Oculus. These VR devices cost from as low as $5 to $350.


There is a lot of future for the VR gaming and RR2 has all the things needed to be taken into the VR gaming world. I hope for a positive approach from FLARE GAMES and hopefully we see a VR compatible RR2 game in the future.





Let’s smash house’s walls to destroy skull towers ! lol


I’d just settle for them fixing the spells bug!!


or even show any signs that they’re still alive!


Hmm, this is true, maybe they have been kidnapped by pyros who are demanding some kind of boost as a ransom because they feel particularly useless in the current game, or possibly they were killed by an accidental swordrain discharge while they attempted to fix the bug … its a worry!

Hahaha, no.

  1. Flare isn’t a big enough game company.

  2. Low demand for VR games, as few people have VR consoles. So between the competition and the lack of demand, there’s no money available for it.

  3. You see more with the 3rd-person view.

  4. I don’t want to be constantly getting hit by arrows

  5. How would you call out troops? Pressing a button isn’t very realistic. You’d have to verbally call out your units, and that’s just annoying for everyone involved.

The list goes on.

I think Flare is too understaffed for this…

make the game compatable for microsoft hololens

Please fix all the bugs before…