Please make shout button show hero's health !!!

Hallo all,

I remember the old days where in the upper left corner the shout button was also showing the hero’s health. FG can u please do it like that again??? sometimes when the hero is surrounded by many units it s quite hard to see his life bar, moreover, when i m tapping on screen around the hero the finger could get in the way of seeing his life bar too.


It currently does this, however the old one was more noticeable at a glance. Wondering if they could do something with the morale meter color to indicate low health

I never look at the meters on the scream button. Ever. Because I’m too busy looking at where I’m going and what’s killing me to look way away (also I never remember it’s even there lol).

I’ve said it a 37 times before but make the health bar more visible (like always on top of whatever clusters on top of the king), not move it to weird places.

Yeah, I mean, if you play on a laptop, like me, you don’t even take as much as a glance at the shout button (which is Q on the keyboard). When I scream my troops I just do it so instinctively that I never look at it. I just am spawning troops and then my mind will trigger me to click Q. I don’t even think about it. A bigger health bar would indeed help, especially when you’re in a swarm of troops 

the problem is all bar is hidden at the moment you spawn a huge army. So Flare should do something abouth this. I was never be a fan of this Scream icon. I am more a fan of MMORPG or RPG where you can see your perso HP bar



RR2 should have just the scream button with just a Horn with no more bar in it but just add HP,Shield Bar and Pet Bar in side of it.This way you see all

On the left you have the Scream Icon and on the side you have your HP bar in green with the number like 23,450/23,450 and under you have a Shield bar in blue and up the HP bar add a white bar for Pet Power

This way player will stop dying in middle of battle

SAO ftw

OMG!!! I ve been looking at the Shout button for over 2 months and I never noticed that it actuall shows (in an odd kind of way) the life meter, and the pet’s skill bar, if it wasnt for QuantumApocalypse I still wouldn’t know it !!!

FG went a little bit too ARTISTIC (rather than practical) on the Shout button, it is VERY hard to notice both the life meter and the pet’s skill bar 

It was a big deal in one of the previous updates, theo (major change/improvement worth of being specifically mentioned, as opposed to “other improvements”). Goes to show how well that worked out if you haven’t noticed it till now.

I hate the new shout button on it.  It’s really annoying to look at in a glance. Honestly still not 100% sure how to read it, and I’ve been playing for about 4 years!  The old button was super simple and informative!

screaming was fun and useful back when it  still have health bar can remove slow, poison , etc wonder why they kept downgrade it