Please nerf storm cannons on defense

Swarms of storm cannons on defense are a common tactic. But they are seriously overpowered, able to annihilate any troops from another lane, effectively removing reinforcements for the hero. There is no counter against them (at least not one that I have found). Players that spam them often have poor defenses otherwise, so storm cannons become an easy way out. 

The boost makes the cannons shoot faster at the cost of damage and increases their health monumentally. Simply remove the health boost, or even make it slightly negative. It doesn’t even make sense for a cannon to have a lot of health for the role it tries to fill.

Battles in war have become boring and I’m always forced to attack low levels because everyone around my level just spams them. A good defense should be a reward for dedication/hard work, not the result of a single boost. 

Sorry if this in the wrong section, it doesn’t let me choose on phone. 


Pyromancers are amazing against them, I usually don’t use them so I have problems with storm cannons on defense too, but I’ve tried it and it works wonderfully.

Over powered? Cannons? Pssttt. They’re perfectly easy to deal with!

  1. Most effective counter - Max Firstorm. Perk the range even more & the cannons often die without getting a shot in.

  2. Dracomacer - Again you can perk the range to higher than 6. 

  3. Dragofroster - Not as effective as 1 & 2 but still get the job done. 

  4. Perked Blizzard - If you have high enough damage you can one shot cannons.

This has got to be the worst complaint ever! Every top player has overpowered ogre/wolf combos yet here is someone complaining about cannons?? A single firestorm spell can destroy an entire swarm of cannons. Please.

This guy seriously don’t know what the Firestorm spell is… :stuck_out_tongue:  

Blizzard does help, but a sure shot is Bladestorm

Blade Storm?  Yuck!  Blizzard and Firestorm go way over into adjacent lanes!  Bladestorm’s a toy.


Spam Knights or Blazing Knights just give them too many targets to shoot at!  Good old fashioned cannon fodder! 

High-level bases: Bladestorm helps to counter Orges, LTs, Barricades, and cannons. Cannot ask for more.

Will check Firestorm. Blizzard is always a yes.


I think Blizzard is faster to kill Cannons because its effect is instant while the Firestorm takes 3 secs…

Take with you a bunch of Knights you’ll see that defensive cannons won’t be no more a problem

If only they are boosted in order to be resistant… ;))

I have tried knights and they work okay for cannons, but usually die off pretty quick when they get near a decent firebolt tower. I use blade, sonic and swordrain and it works well against those that don’t have SC. My pyros usually die off before getting more than a shot or two in at a cannon.

As a side note, anyone notice that monks are the wimpiest unit in the game? They also seem to have a weakness to swordrain

Every unit has its own weakness and strength. If you have to take the preference, most of the towers and units are weak to ice, next comes fire. But if your troops are max and you have good leadership morale with good scream, your problem will be tackling chokepoints and not the units themselves. The most common combo players use is Shield, Sonicblast, Blizzard OR Shield, Bladestorm, Blizzard. As oPelle said, hiding in a bunch of knights should help. Upgrade your knights to max. If you are still having difficulty, upgrade firestorm and forge its range.

Or… forge range of troops like pyro or arbs to outshoot cannons. My arbs have 6.46  range (around 20 range forges) and storm cannons don’t stand a chance. Pyro has lots of health and can be forged to range close or even more than 6 which is range of cannons. One hit of a pyro means farewell cannons, if they are forged it could cost two hits, but they are easy to beat.

Also a bunch of knights indeed survive storm cannon. Here the word bunch is important. If for example you want new knights to come forward, wait till you can summon multiple ( > 6 ) at a time. When you summon them one by one, you just create cannon food for the cannons near the choke point and they shoot all the knights or other troops one by one. By summoning multiple troops at once it takes time and when cannons don’t have a target they move on. But if they stay there… They have then multiple targets and won’t hit all, major pack passes it and will help you to defeat them, numbers of troops are very important.

So a bunch comes through unharmed. What I used often is mummy as protection followed by bladestorm. They shoot at mummy and that gives you protection. Bladestorm whipes them out. Firestorm also does a great job.

Most important is forge on ranged troops like pyro and arbs, they will do the job after some forges.

From your descriptions i got the impression, that you put more emphasis on your defense.
Which means then you neglected your offense. Either this or you are not behind on offense,
but attack too high level bases. When you fight against max level cannons with medium level
pyromancers, then you are not supposed to have a chance. Or if you have max level unperked
pyros against max level perked cannons.

Same for your knights: it’s normally the other way round: firebolt towers stand no chance
against knights because of the single targeting. If 10 knights run by, maybe 1 dies. If even so.
That’s the reason, why firebolts are not used at higher level (replaced by skull towers with area

So: level up your troops / spells and the problem will vanish over time  :grinning:

On a side note: i have a good gold target with lots of firebolt towers and storm cannons. I take
my pyromancers with me and am able to use my full gold gear (9/9) and still get easy wins :wink:

I’d say my troop levels are fairly average for my level.

I thank you all for the advice and trying to level my crap up but it’s not easy only doing one at a time with 5+ days each. That’s why I put more into defense. I still believe SC should not gain health from the boost, however, and I’m still sick of seeing them spammed everywhere. Again, a player’s defense should not go from bad to great with just one boost (that they may not have even contributed to getting). That’s what killed another game I used to play…


No it’s not.

He is a new comer. We should respect his complain. If theirs any trouble, first be in his shoe then help.

Only because he’s a newcomer it doesn’t mean he’s right, indeed more experienced players are the ones who are right the most (but they obviously can still be wrong, so this is not the point of discussion). Being new doesn’t mean that person’s opinion has to be respected, because newcomers (as old users) can make a post full of bad words and show nothing useful to the world. Clearly this is not the case, but there you can see you’re wrong.

But still, this complain is not very good, this is not the worst complain, I’ve seen worse, but cannons on defense are not op.

> Please nerf all, everything is OP now.
> Please catch and ban those illegal gems buyers and resellers, they are still at large. They ruin balance of this game
> Please listen to your players or we will stop buying legit gems, we’ll look for those illegal gems resellers instead