Please, not again!

Seriously, stop this, I don’t want your “free” uberchest. I won’t share my code anywhere, and having that crap occupying a space on my chests list is boring, I don’t want that stuff to be there at all! Because anyway, you didn’t give me my first chest when a new player entered my code. It’s good that now we have free uberchests on daily rewards, but having this for two days is tiring…

Correction:it’s not will be repeated hoping u to press the wrong button and spend 300gems for the craps inside,lol

I also want an option to refuse that “offer”. When opening other chests, it’s annoying that this unwanted chest is always hovering in front. A wrong click and byebye 300 gems.

I also don’t want the double gold for a video option.

Please add checkmarks like friend invitations and alliance invites, so that we at least can turn them off.



Agree. Flare should add the option: Do you want to keep or lose it? 

It’s frustrating to keep something i don’t want to open.

I already opened four of them, for free, without spamming my code and all it takes is less than 5min. 

Good for you, I tried the same with a dummy account and I didn’t get anything.

Karman, i also had no problem. Just to be safe, that the code doesn’t expire:
Play the tutorial in the new account, then have a look in your main acount and
note the code, immediately after that enter the code in the new account.
That way it won’t expire …

But from the fact, that the code expires so fast, one can conclude, that Flare
actually doesn’t want you to open the chest by new accounts, but instead lure
you into spending gems. Psycologically well aided by the timer running down :grinning:

I’ve never noticed my code  change tbh. If I get that “free” chest I’m able to create new gmail acc, finish the tutorial and the code is still the same. Anyway, as Mogor said, check the code once again before entering it, for 100% you will get the chest.

On windows, you don’t need to create multiple gmail account. Just one dummy windows user is needed. All you need is an email to setup your initial windows store. You can use your existing gmail account and add or move your dot around. Lets say I have lord.poutine at gmail, I can use lordpou.tine at gmail. It’s still the same account, Google doesn’t care where or if you use a dot in your email adress but the windows store see it as a different email adress.

After you enter the code. Delete the app and re-install it. It will reset the game to the tutorial. I prefer to do the tutorial before I get an Uber Chest. This way I don’t have to wait when I have to enter a code.

I play on both windows and android with same acc. I’ve never tried creating multiple acc on windows as I think it is far more work than on android. On android I don’t need to re-download the app so it’s way more  simple. Multiple gmail acc and you can change rr2 accounts with one click thanks to “logout” option in the game.

me too it is getting me mad.

you should try multiple account 

I entered the code after playing the tutorial, the dummy account received the 150 vouchers, but still no chest for me. I didn’t need to write the code anywhere because I have good memory. After entering the code on the dummy account I can remember that the code did change, damn Flare expiring the code so fast!! That must be completely what you said, they want you to spend gems no matter what.


Wow, this is what FG has made us do “Illegal stuff”. 

Creating dummy accounts, accounts that don’t exist. Actually, FG doesn’t mind, because they can show the mobile gaming world how big they are.

Wonder, what’s next?



These uber chests are a big scam. I bought a pack of 5 to see if they really have some unique and better items. No, they don’t. You’d be lucky if you find one good item in 20 uber chests. All the items from those uber chests are lined up for melting.  <_<

I resisted the offer of 5 uber chests for 1500 gems, so i don’t know what is in them (on average).
But from the friend uber chests (which are reported to be of a lesser quality than the normal bought ones)
i opened a few and from what i got i can say there was one special uber item in them on average.
That included a chest with no uber item (not even a normal one), but some gems instead.

As these special uber items with a unique name are worth getting, i suggest you to open the friend
uber chests with a new account. Then you might get something useful over time. Thank you for reporting
on the bought uber chests, i won’t buy them after knowing that :grinning:  At least not until i have a maxed alliance
tower and blacksmith :wink:

Same here, we’ve seen that there are two different uber chests. I’ve noticed that the friend uber chests usually contain useful stuff, while the bought ones only give useless crap.