Please, oPelle or any other staff!

Please, oPelle, put a global chat in Royal Revolt!!!

Maybe it’s not necessary for high LVL alliances, but for us who has low LVL it’s impossible to recruit members. And I dont like to invite ppl who are already in an alliance, it’s unethical. A global chat would help a lot. Please, oPelle.

Hi Stormy,


Unfortunately it’s not up to me do such things since i’m only a moderator of a forum that has nothing to do with developing a game, this thing has been suggested already lot of time but it’s also true that is never taked in consideration. I know for example that DH5 has it but everyone is in its own country server there, here that we are all mixed, i don’t know how it could be build technically talking. You should talk with someone more high than me for this thing like admin or developer.

I think global chat is a basic thing of a game, and we dont have…

@oPelle, yes, it should be separated by language, like it is in clash of clans.

Will it lag the game?

Will there be a lot of spam?

I dont really like global chat btw,

Lag the game??? Lol