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Will keep the answer short to not deviate from topic, in fact blessing is often counter-productive for me :slightly_frowning_face:

I am not sure if you understand the skull bonus percentage… it cannot exceed 150%… after 3 players join the fight, the skull bonus becomes 150% then it remains the same even if 10 players join that fight… surely, each player will enjoy 150% skull bonus but you get your players to join the fight and even the number of players…


plus, the alliance which can actually use this strategy in a proper manner is the real best… all the alliances are free to use it, so i see no injustice… 

I know that the bonus skull can not exceed 150% … it was a proposal to prevent a single player from blocking 5-10 players for several hours …
Even if it’s a strategy like any other, in real life or in another game a person against 10 who resists several hours while the fighters are all the same level it does not exist.

It’s just a suggestion to improve the gaming experience by making it more realistic?

Because at level 95 you can start collecting Skull Items that have a value greater than 1.0% skull bonus. When I was level 95 I didn’t have any skull items, now I’m at 29% - 1313 skulls per battle

ah… i get your concern now… and i do understand it… Last conquest, i singly holded off 5 strong players for more than 10 hours… I so wished they would get supreme victory and I would be free to move again, as I was needed elsewhere, but that didnt happen soon enough… yeah, I guess you are right… 

Hey, can there be a different arrangement for diamond league? i know it’s an unusual request to make, but can diamond league be as easy as every other leagues? i mean, top three players win the diamond league, instead of just one… ???

and how come some players get 20-30k medals just in an hour of playtime? are those paid players or subscribers of Royal Revolt?

does confusion work with towers i see the effect above the tower but i can’t tell if the tower is on my side or not 

Can you display the range of the Jester box? I want to make it easy to understand how far I can reach although I forge the range.

Will there be some balance changes targeting speed combo without units? I saw many good rides without units. But don’t devs think it is a bit unbalanced?

Q2 Would it be possible to order the list of members in a war by trophies as it is in the alliance menu. Currently in wars, it is all scattered, randomly.

Will guardians be nerfed (especially donkey), lately I try not to use any of the guardians (only rarely) as I don’t want to rely on them while the chances of guardians being nerfed later, also spending resources upgrading them only to be nerfed, and most importantly trying to adapt to new methods takes time. If you guys have plans please give us some advance warning before nerfing, it would be great.

As always thanks for taking the time to answer our questions.

When looking for a player we can do it but only by 500 trophies level. Is it possible to do it by paying 100 trophies in the future?

how about the skeleton stats sharing is caring u know 

Players with 5 stars should not be allowed to compete with people with 4 stars in the diamond league… in fact, in every league, people with same number of stars should compete with each other… either that, or players with similar amount of trophies… 

I’ve got one more suggestion… we have color “white” for every pals… but how about “black” option too? every pal (and guardian) available in black too, or better, like we can select color for our hero’s costume, we should be able to choose color for our pals and guardians too… maybe not guardian, but PLEASE provide color black for every pal… ???

Will it be possible one day to have in the Daily Rewards a pro chest?

This just isn’t true.  You can buy pro items with skull perk at any level.  And I have seen several skull perk items drop randomly from chests for people under lvl 90.  And having bases continue to reward higher difficulty by awarding more skulls doesn’t prevent people from using skull perk gear anyway.  It would just add a tactical choice of “can I still beat this harder base using skull gear and thus get even more than 1015 base skulls?” 

There’s another whole thread devoted to this so I don’t want to debate it here, I just want to know if the devs are even looking at it or considering it given that the game has changed dramatically at high levels since the lvl 95 cap was instituted.  Before guardians, defense beasts and (most notably) forging, the difficulty of a base would start to cap out at lvl 95 or so.  This is clearly no longer the case.  The average base of a lvl 120 is considerably harder than the average base of a lvl 95, yet the reward for beating them is the same.  The average base of a 95 is also much harder than the average lvl 70 base, yet the reward for beating them is very different.

You’re actually wrong. While, yes you can get skull items below level 95, they just aren’t useful. Only after level 95 (maybe 90) do you get skull perks higher than 1.0% on items

First, if you can get them before 95, as I said, then I’m not wrong. 

Second, you are still wrong, I got this item as a chest drop at lvl 85 with 4.1% skull perk.  I’m still only lvl 87 so clearly meaningful skull perks are available before lvl 95 (your first claim) and lvl 90 (your 2nd claim).  Also, you can buy stuff with 2%+ from the pro shop at lvl 75.

Lastly, the existence of skull perks has no bearing on whether bases should suddenly stop being more valuable at lvl 95.  You’d still have the option of using skull gear if the value of a base continued to scale.  


Sure, okay, you may be able to get skull items at a slightly lower level than 90, but my brother who is level 84 is unable to obtain items for more than 1% skull perk. Perhaps 85 is the minimum

The existence of skull perks is the only reason that bases suddenly stop at level 95. The higher the level of the king, the higher your skull perks can be. I think it’s a fair system too, cause it makes for a fair battle in wars