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Question about being able to rename an alliance after a merger, is that a possibility, maybe sometime in the future? Thanks for answering many of our questions, Madlen. Just wondering as I know there are other alliances that would like to know, as would mine. 

i keep getting shut out of the server every now and then when i’m in middle of the battle… i win the battle with 100% victory, then it shows “reconnecting… please wait”… after a while of showing this, i am shut out of the game and when i reconnect finally, i see that 50-70 of my trophies are lost because i lost the match…!!! but in fact, i won 100%, fair and square… 

Please do introspect in this matter… Moreover, this problem persists during war and conquests, when lots of people are generally online… i was over 2000 trophies before this last war, and after war i got down to 1700 due to server problem in between battle… i climbed a little more, after much effort, but once i lose one match, i lose more trophies than what i had earned in the past 1 hour… 

I am ready to lose as many trophies I have to when I really lose… But why do I have to pay for server problems and lose trophies even in those battles where I actually win!!!

I want to Know The Same Thing As Well

  1. You must be stable with gems for some days.

  2. You must be between 200 gems and 500 gems considering also gems from quests.

  3. I suggest to collect gems from quests.

  4. If you bought warrior package in the past, you will not receive it anymore.

I’m in a similar situation (but I’m at level 125) and I didn’t receive packages because I bought 3 one time offers in the last month (the first one towards the end of the last community week and the other 2 few days later, then I received other 2 one time offers which don’t interest me) and in my alliance there are 2 subscribers (i.e. +20 daily gems).

I don’t think you can’t get those packages after a certain point. I never bought the Warrior Package and I haven’t seen it or any other packages since level 90 or so (maybe even less)

If you can introduce a monthly calendar, it will be helpful for all the players.  So that we can be aware of any future events and prepare ourselves according.

If any event is launched plz make changes in the ongoing upgrades also ?

It makes me to feel like the players who are not playing regularly are getting chance for cheaper upgrades whereas a regular player is losing his opportunity

Will the Monthly Pro-League be back in the game with same rewards as before?

When will something be done regarding the current pro league situation?

And the situation is the following:

  • It was claimed that the monthly rewards were giving advantage to cheaters (or whatever you may call them). Well, before I was getting 300/400/500 gems every month as a monthly reward, now, having severely improved my pro league performance, I am not getting close to those.

  • One places top 100 and gets 2 pitiful pro chests along with 1750 crystals. Great rewards for most of the 100 best performers (among the 13/14k average participants every pro league), no doubt!

  • One other claim was that the content in pro chests was improved. I personally didn’t notice much. Still getting pearls and items I transform in more pearls (no gems, therefore, not reaching the amount of gems I used to reach monthly). I did get amazing rewards once I received the top reward, the 10 chests and 15k crystals. I believe they may have always been awesome, so… probably not something recent, though. But honestly I can’t say much about it since it was a 1 time occasion. Which leads me to my next point.

  • The tier scores are totally inappropriate to the score one is actually able to get. I won’t go much deeper into it as I already developed my suggestion in “Ideas & Feature Requests” a couple weeks ago. The fact is: one can only reach crappy rewards. Are they better? Maybe. I can’t say. Why? Because I can’t barely get them.

  • I believe you guys should be more alert regarding top pro league scorers. There are quite doubtful situations waiting to be checked. But properly.

Wish you all a nice week!

who’s she? is she going to be our new advisor?

You are right man i did not even notice her


nope… i still dont get it… who’s she? or is that the new costume of our advisor? i have never seen that outfit or character… or is it just the customised regular hero’s avatar?

Hey Grim, that loading screen is from when the Ninja event was a new event. At that same time the female avatar was a new feature as well. It’s just the female version of the king, not a new advisor


  1. Do you guys still have plans to actually eventually remove the War event from the game and make Conquest the only War-like event or is that no longer the aim?

One thing Conquest is still missing in my mind, at least compared to the regular War, is the lack of progression with regards to obtaining rewards that feel more personalized. In regular War, winning a fight for a single fiefdom feels rewarding and gives you that feeling of progression, because as you gain more and more Skulls, you go further and further on the “Chest” rewards, gaining progressively better and better Chests. Conquest rewards are great, without a doubt, however they were designed with the intention to benefit the Alliance, and even though every single Alliance member does get said Chests in the end, we only get them after the entire Conquest ends, which is 5 days. This means that from day 1 to day 5, that feeling of progression sort of goes on hold (because you kind of get no immediate rewards for 4 days) and doesn’t exactly feel personalized, so to speak. You feel your Alliance progressing via the Points Bar, but the personalized progression is lacking, if you get what I mean.

If you could somehow transfer those individual Chest rewards from regular War into Conquest and tie them to winning a single Fiefdom (to make each Fiefdom fight feel like it matters more than it does now), that would be the tipping point in my eyes, and we could finally ditch the regular War event and just stick to one of them, the Conquest instead. Of course, feel free to balance them out as you see fit, because translating them in the 1:1 manner could be too many rewards, when combined with Conquest ones, altogether.
2. The server issues have been ongoing for what feels nearly like a full Month straight, and while I do appreciate that you keep on giving us the “Maintenance Chests” as compensation, it doesn’t exactly make us feel better. Especially when the game loads up various data, such as displaying player bases or switching from one player to another during War, to browse their bases, is always tied to a 1-3s delay, at least has been for me for the past month.

This ties to the question I’ve asked before - do you have any plans of streamlining all of the data loading experience, in particular reducing the number of various “screens” the game has to bring up each single time we want to check a new information “screen”? There’s entirely way too many screens to go through in the game in order to reach the information we’re seeking, and lately it feels like all the data requests being sent to the server from the mass of players is overflowing it, causing the ongoing instability. And so here are some ideas of what you can do in order to improve the experience and streamline it further:

• Combine the Inventory and Blacksmith’s " Melt Down" screens into one. For example, when you open the Inventory screen, each item should have the " circle" in its top-left corner already available, allowing us to select them, then click the " Melt down all" button below, which would then appear. This would remove the necessity to open up the Blacksmith’s " Melt Down" screen entirely.
• Add a " Sell all" item alongside the “Melt down all” button in the Inventory screen, because right now, if we wish to sell any items, we have to do it 1 by 1, which creates a multitude of server requests by switching between each item’s individual “screen”, and causes unnecessary data load.
• Improve the " Forge" screen for everything: Items, Units, Spells, Pals and Guardians. For example, remove this screen from the game entirely and instead make it " slide up" and appear on the existing screen, the same way we currently bring up additional information on Units, Spells, Pals and Guardians. This will require a hefty redesign of the old " Forging" screen but will severely reduce the number of additional screens the game has to bring up each time and subsequently lower the load stress on the server.
• Similarly, redesign the " Unit Donation" screen as well, as just like any other additional screen, it takes time to load and often experiences a 1-3s delay for bringing it up. Just remove that screen completely have the only way to Donate Units be via the in-game chat. We do not need to see the Unit our friends have requested, as we cannot donate any other Unit besides the one that has been requested, and the singular Unit donation option - at least in my experience - is not that often used. In other words, automate the process a bit more. The game already knows we can only donate 5 Units at a time, and so if we reach that limit, the " Donate" buttons would just disappear from the chat, until our Donation cooldown resolves, at which point the Donate button will become visible again.
• Similarly, reduce the number of screens in the regular War Event, because it has entirely too many of them and, whenver the server chokes when loading up that information, it adds to the negative experience when trying to quickly complete all the Battles in War. Unify the information on less screens, similarly like you’ve QoL’d the Conquest screens with this most recent update now. Unless of course you intend to eventually remove the War Event entirely, in which case you needn’t bother with it.
3. Do you ever intend to re-balance certain Spell Perks? I’m mostly talking about pure damage perks on Spells that don’t quite feel like they belong there, such as Stun’s Blunt damage perk or Bladestorm’s Blunt damage perk? In case of Stun, the additional Blunt damage (at 16 forges) amounts up to around 1000, which is beyond negligible, and the same goes for Bladestorm, which is even more weird, since Bladestorm at least deals decent damage by itself to begin with. In otherh words, could those Perks be either replaced with something more interesting or upgraded in Damage values instead, since it currently does not appear that you will be adding another +1 Level upgrade to all Spells (because Spells are currently 1 Level behind the Towers, which were updated like half a year ago or so).
4. How do you, as developers, feel about certain Spells right now?
•  Stun has seen a decent increase in popularity, and particularly I wanted to ask if you feel the base 10s Stun duration on that spell is a little too much?
• Additionally, you’ve updated Sonic Blast last time around, claiming it needed more damage to sort of reclaim its spot as the most Blunt damaging spell, as Hammerstrike was being used way more often by the players. The thing is, Hammerstike is still far better than Sonic Blast , and in the era where Healing Towers exists, making U-turns deadlier than ever before, the fact that Sonic Blast deals its damage across a duration of 3s is only a detriment to this spell. Sonic Blast requires to do more damage if it is ever meant to compete with Hammerstrike again, especially keeping the vast Cooldown difference between both Spells.
• Last time you’ve nerfed Bladestorm’s damage against Fire-type Towers, and it made sense, as it was being far too effective against Firebolt and Lightning Towers in particular. However, ever since the nerf, I feel like you might’ve overdone it just a tiny bit, because right now it feels that Bladestorm isn’t even that effective against Barricades anymore, so the question here is could you bring some of that nerfed power back? I feel like Bladestorm went from being super effective against Barricades to being overly effective against Fire-based Towers, back to being less effective against Barricades that it was before it was buffed last time.
5. What are your thoughts on the Horkos gloves set, in particular their various perks (Petrify, Translocation, Infection and Intimidate)? Do you feel they are balanced? Personally, I feel like Translocation is by far the strongest, as when it does proc, it can immediatelly elimite a high-value enemy from the field (such as the Werewolf), as while the other perks can essentially spread their effects, you still have to deal with the units regardless. How do you feel about chance-based perks in general, and do you feel that, what I’m assuming to be the near-maximum proc chance at lvl 130, the ~25% chance is high enough to warrange its usage? Ever thought about increasing the chances’ maximum to around 33% instead?
6. Do you feel the latest addition to the game, the Tokens , are balanced in their prices, Event coupons-wise? In my mind, the Gold Token is far overpriced, as obtaining additional Gold Gain % is the easiest one to get in the game (e.g. even just via the Kaiser Pal), as opposed to the Medal Token. The further you are in the game, level-wise, the easier it is to obtain Gold as well, so the pricing in the Gold Token feels way off-base to me.
7. Do you have any plans, or have you ever intended, to bring players on an even playing field in terms of additional Inventory slots? I’m talking about the " exploit" that allowed players to gain Inventory Slots for free via Dungeons. This is that part of the game where, either you were extremely interested in it and managed to read up on the topic ahead of time, or were fortunate enough to have your Alliance buddies inform you of it, or you’ve just missed it completely. Will we ever live up to the time where you will just assign everyone Inventory Slots they might’ve missed during their Dungeon journey and/or fix that exploit?
8. Any plans to balance out the Pearl income a little bit, in particular in the Chamber of Fortune? As we all know, the general minimum number of Pearls required to forge anything in the game, excluding the first 2 or 3 Forges, is an equal 100 , and I thought this should be the minimum number of Pearls one should get from the Chamber of Fortune. It should be a minumum of 100 Pearls and that number could continue to increase up to like 125 or 150 the further you go in levels, up to the level 130. What are your thoughts on this?
9. Do you have any plans to balance or buff certain Units? Currently, it appears that most of theh Units in the game have their use, whether offensively or defensively, but there are a few that stick out, particular when they are not Boosted. I’m mainly talking about the Froster , which is almost never used Defensively and only ever used Offensively when Boosted to summon the Dragon, and the Mortar , which is almost never used Offensively and only ever used Defensively, when Boosted, due to its huge range that outranges even Spells, making the Unit essentially immortal until you get in its vicinity.

I understand that both Froster’s and Pyromancer’s damage needs to be kept relatively in check, since it is AoE-based, but comparing Froster to Pyromancer, one of them is clearly better by a mile. That said, could we expect Froster’s Damage and Health to be buffed in near future, as nowadays anything that has below 10k HP is pretty much mincemeat.
10. Why do you dislike the Blizzard Spell so much and when can it get a Damage buff? It used to be possible to kill Werewolves with it, but that isn’t really the case anymore, and then you’ve released Trusty, which easily deals ~50-60% more damage than said Blizzard Spell. But even when you combine both, the Blizzard Spell and Trusty’s Blizzard Spell, even those 2 combined can actually fail to destroy a single Skull Tower, which honestly feels like it shouldn’t be the case.
11. Will you ever make the House generating daily Gems scale up with our Hero’s level? It really feels like it could easily give 5 Gems a day instead of 1, lol. Consider making it cap out at 10/day at lvl 130 or something.
12. Have you ever thought of treating the Castle Gate like an actual Tower and allowing us to Forge it? The only possible Boost this structure gets isn’t even that interesting or strong anymore (the Doom Gate obtainable via the War Event) and it feels like a missed opportunity. Please give it some interesting Forging options for us to fiddle with, and perhaps make it a Special structure, allowing for more than just 3 types of Perks , say give it 5 different ones instead!
13. Have you ever thought about creating a new type of obstacle that would be tied to the Landscapes? What I mean is, we currently have Towers , Obstacles and Units to defend our base, and I thought it’d be interesting to add a new type of structure to the mix that would emphasize Landscapes in particular ( and boost their sales as well , wink wink).

What I mean by this? Take the most recently released Landscape for example, the Sakura Valley. Upon selecting the Sakura Valley, there would be a big Sakura Tree placed somewhere outside of the building Grid on the field. This could be the " Nature" defensive obstacle that would periodically drop Sakura Petals on the battlefield, applying miniscule Poison damage to all enemy Units.

Take the Golden Desert Landscape; it could generate Heat , similarly doing periodical damage to enemy Units. The Burning Rocks Landscape would spew Ash , falling down and Burning enemies periodically, while Northland’s Blizzard would apply the Chill  effect via the falling snow etc. You get where I’m going with this. Introduce this new type of " Nature" obstacle, which would trigger this periodic damage in waves (say 5 waves during the 2:40m time of raiding a Castle) and you open yourself up for new types of Resistances as well, possibly allowing for adding a 4th Perk to all Units, Items and possibly Spells in return, increasing the demand for Pearls as well (wink wink). For example, having the Blizzard Spell or the Werewolf Unit equipped when attacking a Northland -based Base would provide additional Chill or Blizzard resistance to you and your Units and so on.

Introducing this new type of Periodic damage would also increase the need and usefulness of all Healing-related spells. Just one idea to expand the game and/or introduce a new layer of complexity and fun to it.

Kaiser is supposed to bring “good luck and fortune”  but it actually only brings good fortune.  Why is Kaiser so unlucky? :slight_smile:


Could we ever get a feature to inspect the gear and/or bases of people in our alliance?  I would love to be able to learn what all the high level players use.

Will I ever get a video advertisement back? Tomorrow (April 13), will be a month, as I lost advertising. Where I didn’t apply, they answer with standard blanks! I invested so much, I like this game and the game, but I’ll have to quit I do not want to lag behind, from everyone! In my alliance, and my sister and brother video works.

my nick in game Tanja 5

Is there any plan to release RR3 ( Royal Revolt 3 ) ??

During conquest, one of things that would useful is to know where the towers have been started. We already know who started the towers, but knowing where those towers were started would help for knowing who put up what towers, especially when mistakes happen.