Please post your August questions here!

There is something you always wanted to ask the developers? Like what was the inspiration behind a feature? Does the King prefer :pizza: or :fries:? Here is your place.

A selected range of questions will be answered by the end of the month/beginning of September.

Thank you for the questions and your support! :slight_smile:

1)What are the chances of finding a hidden treasure?

I’ve noticed that when i dropped trophies and attack someone 2k trophies above me, i was not able to find any treasures (after 50+ raids).

2)Is there any requirements to find hidden treasures (e.g. fighting someone close to your trophy range)?

Is VOUCHER thing going to improve ?
It needs a huge improvement in Bazaar with variations and vastness and also get some interesting making voucher friends option also that makes voucher for us. New way of friend code redemption maybe ?

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If I have applied 2 Max lvl runes and you introduce a new special rune and I want to apply the new special rune,will I be able to do it?

What is the deal with pro league and why is it so extremely difficult now (last 4).

  1. Did you put a new person in charge of creating it and making the levels of difficulty un-fun on purpose?

  2. Has the person who has actually created the weekly pro league go out and TESTED it themselves?



could one day see a boost for the skull tower?

Yes. Runes cannot be removed but replaced by another rune.

I suggest you create this as a new idea thread.

It’s a really good suggestion which shouldn’t be missed :wink:

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I suggest to make runes more affordable during raids

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Is rune income form blacksmith is final or it will be rebalanced? If you compare building price and time it seems a bit silly

What happens if we putwthe rune that improves damage on Heal Tower??

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how often the offers come out in the store, I’ve been waiting for one for days, it would also be possible that if one leaves I can choose, because many times you do not want the whole package but a single object of it.

What is the minimum range required for a unit to reach Firebolts and Lightnings? Is there going to be the possibility of enabling Paladins reach such towers using sufficiently high level runes now?

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There is Wizard’s Tower. So there must be a Wizard too.
Are we going to meet him someday ?
With some Surprise ?

When will we get Rune special event (similar to Blacksmith event, with discounted prices)?


Someday soon… but not soon enough.

quais são as abilidades do yig yog e yug

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will there possibly be more icons for the Alliance shield design?
will there be the option to put the various flags onto the Alliance shield?