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We need Vouchers too… Add that in ur edit.

Vouchers are infinite in low tiers or CQ
As advice visit this tier and you will get thousands or them

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That’s Impossible to do to go from 4500 to 1500 trophies.

Why? Just join low alliance who take part in CQ low tier
I did it and has 3000 vauchers:)

For relaxing purposes I helped our camp team 2 conquests in a row. It gave me tons of vouchers. Now I have 17k vouchers in reserve. Correct you are, play lower tier and you gain a lot of them.

Really. I’ll sure will try.

Can we have an overview of costs in terms of pearls for items plus non item runes for leveling them up to the next level plus costs for applying them?

I ask this for a reason. I did upgrade some level 2 leadership runes and created a level 3 leadership rune. Upgrading from level 1 -> 2 did cost 5x75 pearls and creating a level 3 item rune another 300 pearls. When I did want to apply it to my skull cape, 1200 pearls were requested. Applying such a rune seems to be 4 times the cost of upgrading a rune from a previous level to current rune level. In fact, when you would not apply that rune and in theory would have 5 runes of level 3, instead of applying that rune, you have a rune one level higher.

I already applied some level 2 runes to non items. Also there cost of applying was 4 times the amount of pearls (500) to apply the rune in comparison of creating a level 2 rune 125)

An overview of pearl costs per rune level (upgrading plus applying) would give us an idea how many pearls we need to apply a rune plus to upgrade runes to a higher level. So I am interested in terms of pearls what upgrading plus applying runes per level cost.

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Hello, I want to know what is the main logic behind 4 fights in the last war season ? no skull boosts, rewards tier remain the same.
Earlier wars,
1.6 fights, decent rewards
2.less fight(skull boost), decent rewards.(chests reward score remain same)

Last war,
less fight (no skull boost), less rewards. (chests reward score remain same)
#want reduce chests reward score in such war
#most boring war season

champs!? n lot of fights each day

not possible when 1v1 or 1 v2 each day (without champ)

prefer 6/6 n 5 or 4 fights with skull boost

Best prizes for best and for most active players. Not for everyone

On conquest event. Can we donate conquest resources from alliance gold? If alliance gold depleted, players can donate with gems. Conquest is alliance event just like war seasons. It doesn’t make any sense all extra donations are from personal pockets. If it’s individual event like ninja or festival, it sure comes from personal gem expense.

So… If everyone donated Conquest resources via Alliance gold…

Your alliance would go bankrupt in about 6 days…

Sound like a fun “The Wolf of Wall street” feature :rofl:


How can all donate conquest resources from alliance fund? Leave it to generals and leader’s work. If alliance gets too low on funds then some would donate 900 gems or no extra resources. Simple

Why would any player invest in personal conquest buildings, whe you could refill conquest resources with alliance gold?
That’s the idea behind it, team uses resources, individual players or special tiles refill resources. Whe you need more, individual players refill their resources with gems faster and donate those. The higher players individual conquest buildings, the more resources you can donate.

Will there be events for Runes? My friend is waiting for it He keeps saving chest.


After this post seems it will be no🤣

Anyway question is good
Im saving too

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Whether it should open now or not, that is the problem