Please post your biggest troll ideas here

Taking a Deep Fall In Shadows of Royal Revolt 2 again…


Good luck with this idea Antwod  :slight_smile:


I just wish Flare games approve my Idea so I can go around and troll other players for free gems and then use those gems to shit on them… :stuck_out_tongue:


oh btw its KappaWod!

I doubt you will get a positive feedback on this, because it will kill their business model around special packages. Special packages only appear in a way you need to buy gems to have them, so if someone can give you gem at this moment, no need to buy gems anymore…

Additionally there are still gems being generated in an illegal manner, all you will be doing is allowing these players to launder those gems. 

Dude you just destroyed my major plans to help gem laundry community and take over RR2 world!!!  

I have to disagree on this idea although would be cool to see.

I explain: if there is such feature, PLAYER 1 will buy gems for himself and from time to time he can send gems to PLAYER 2 but there is a condition that you have to think and apply. PLAYER 2 maybe wants to buy the gem package but since he knows that exists this feature, he no more buys the gem package because he can trust always on PLAYER 1, so he doesn’t buy it. If this condition is applied for many and many of players you see a reduction of profit from the company. because the money come from only 1 person and not from many and if this person decide to not buy gems anymore all the others remain fooled from him. So conclusion is that: more people there are around that buy gems, better is because it’s like talking about longevity of the humanity -> If you have only a couple you have low chance that humanity will survive, but instead if this couple does more and more people, humanity can survive longer.

Hope i explained what i want to mean.

Yup, I completely agree with you.  #Capitalism

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