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February Q&A dev! Shoot!

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why you can not make the buddy chests and fellow carers alike every 4 hours. there are people you are not on Facebook for privacy reasons! these are disadvantaged in the game. just because they do not want to tell a company their whole life / their surfing behavior. maybe they could put this right in my view is not fair!

Can we be expecting to see an overview list of where our alliance members are on the Conquest map? This would be extremely helpful for a Leader or General to give instructions

I just did a survey for improvement for Leaders and Generals for Conquest yesterday.  I am wondering if you are going to add content to the game that helps Leaders and Generals not just for Conquest but for all aspects of the game.  There has been dozens of requests in the forums for better channels for communication, statistics, alliance Forums etc.  Can we expect some changes in these areas any time soon?

1 year and 3 months I have no any quests available!


This is a not important question, however, I would really like to know the story behind the gem house. Is there some sort of creature giving you the gem, or is just the gem coming out the chimney that’s making the squeaking sound?


If Conquest is once per month, will the boost last longer?   


@Macamus, please rephrase your question and use the word seeds. :stuck_out_tongue:


Nope, they last less long. Now conquest boosts seem to last 7.5 days while before it was 9-10 days at least. It’s enough though to benefit from them during the ninja event that comes after conquest. I guess for war season boosts a similar scenario. 

In other words, to prolong conquest boosts, it will cost more. same for war boosts, but there even more costly, since that same boost can be won once in 8 weeks. 

Can the developers tell us if fritz damage is correct or bugged? If a level 10 fritz deals 15k damage only, how can it one shot a Max level Howl?


Howl has 75% weakness, even if it’s doubled, shouldn’t fritz deal only 30k damage at most? How can it one shot a Max level Howl?

I don’t think that this is a bug, Lacuna. While it does depend on the level of the Fritz pal, I do agree that Fritz shouldn’t be able to one shot a maxed Primal Howl. I do want to point out, however, that right now Fritz doesn’t one shot Howl beast if he has already howled, though he still deals critical damage, you still have to have Fritz timed perfectly. I don’t think Fritz is OP and certainly don’t think he needs a nerf, but perhaps his damage to beasts should be lowered a little

We need new hero…

We can choose king or queen mean male and female :slight_smile:

So put new hero like king wolf and king orge 


Like kingwolf put it  screen speed


Like king ogre put it scream attack  fast

And maybe spaghetti monster hero it attack slower but many target at once

are you planning to add some morale to the ability of nemesis because 5 or 6 morale at a time is so low 

This isn’t about buff or nerf, it’s about the number that’s displayed on the game.


A Max howl has about 130k ++ hp with 75% weakness to ice.


That means it should take an ice damage of 75k to one shot it.


It’s simple math, something isn’t right here. Either 


  1. fix fritz to show that he is doing 75k ice damage when he slides; or


  1. fix fritz so that he does 15k damage as what it is currently being shown

I believe they just made Fritz super effective against Howl. Since it’s the counter pal for that beast, it gotta do its work.
So the damage is adjusted differently between them, that’s why the numbers don’t/can’t match, it’s just customized.

It’s like Bladestorm:
It does insignificant damage to a 70K HP Snake Tower, with 100% normal weakness;
But it melts a 70k HP Lightning Tower, that only has weakness to Fire and Blunt.

Just my thoughts. Would like to hear an official answer as well.

Additional features for alliance are always appreciated. Do you plan to let alliance leaders to change the alliance name for free or for alliance money at least once or even once per month/quarter? Thanks.

That doesn’t explain why Fritz’s slide can one shot boosted Wolf as well as boosted Necro.


Fritz’s displayed stats has problem. If it is intended for Fritz to cause 75k damage, then Flare should display it as such.


Again, not talking about buffs or nerfs, just want to know the real stats. I hope Flare can answer this.

Agreed. Some clarification would be nice