Please post your January questions here.

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Please post your January questions here! Thank you. (Questions to the devs)

@EnmaDaiOhI wanted to move your question to the January question section because it was asked in January -  but unfortunately, the forum software is sometimes buggy and posted it on top of the thread so that it looks like you opened it…Could you please post your question about the API Rest once more? Sorry :slightly_frowning_face: (Is there any plans to develop a API REST to GET data from alliance and members? It´s hard to manage an alliance copying all this data to Excel. ?)

since i start playing royal revolt 2 i remark the playing style and mode is the same ( king vs base of a player ) in every version so my question is what do you think if you release a versus mode ( means king vs king  )or two kings from the same alliance fighting each others in a base defense   i know that it needs really hard work but i just gave you my idea in hope you will realise it in a day ? ?


As soon as a new major version is released, can we expect same like previous times? Can we expect additional levels to troops, spells, towers, obstacles and waves? Maybe better is more defensive structures and a longer path. 

Do you think there would be the possibility of an in-game chat translation tool like some other games have? I think this would benefit a lot of players. Thanks 

I still notice problems with unit speed since the intro of guardians it does not function consistently as it did before. this is without guardian active as well.


I think could be a good idea that players could see when the monthly pro ticket is available, something like the pro icon flashing, or similar. Sorry if this was asked before :slight_smile: 


For conquest, 2 management options are needed.  

Individual and alliance Performance tracking system ( history of performance) 

A. War history anytime all can look up previous performances for each member.

B. Individual member’s movements and war history look-up. Lots of leaders and generals are complaining cannot log on game 24/7. That means they cannot track where each member is moving for whole duration of 6 days conquest 

Please increase the amount of the friends list? Also make in game translation available 

Previous questions were in the previous months, then I start from 21.

  1. Can players at the 2nd place of a pro monthly leaderboard get the crown of the 1st place of the pro monthly leaderboard if a player who won one of the previous pro monthly leaderboards wins again pro monthly leaderboard?

  2. Does attack of the guardian be added to attack of the king?

  1. Can you please make an existing/ new beast with ice resistance? It would add depth to the game, providing opportunities to counter fritz users.


  1. Why does Flare catch cheaters only upon report? Is there no automated system from Flare to detect cheaters? I ask this because without video function, it is difficult on the players’ part to know who cheats.

I have an idea of versus mode (you can read here).

The Monthly pro-leaderboard was discontinued a few weeks ago.

The Celestial Plains layout is now for on the shop too because of that.

So… I don’t think  this question is still valid.

I agree that Phoebe beast should not be nerfed but it is hard to avoid in the festivals as you can in regular gameplay.  That is kind of ruining last two or three Festivals.  

Is there something that can be done about that so I can enjoy that part of the game again.  I expect festivals to be hard but not nearly impossible as most of those paths have Phoebe, like 8/10.

During festivals, phoebe could be replaced by a random other (pro) pal for example by keenflare. Maybe that is a way to make random bases less hard. 

Hi! Don’t you consider to improve recognition/awards system in-game? The only way now to give a merit to the player from the alliance leader is to promote them to sergeants or general, which doesn’t fit all the cases. For example, if I see the player fights well during the clan wars, but fails during the Conquest, I will not like the idea to promote them to even sergeants as most likely it will be waste of resources and workers during the conquest. However, the same player may be worthy team-mate in terms of gold donations and skull bringing during the clan wars.

   I would like to see more awards available for the clan leaders that may be given to good soldiers, like medals, achievements and other stuff. I think it will bring more healthy competition and recognition along with simple stats like donated pals and gold.

my best Regards to the Devs! I really think you constantly make the Game more interesting! :slight_smile:

Can we have an Uber Shop to buy uber items, been waiting for a long time for Dragon Eye belt,  Caribou Parka armor and hammer strike items (also would like to know the new items added, as the wiki page is outdated). Thank you for Q&A sessions.

Good morning …Draws of alliances in the conquest And war season maps based of the level alliance thanks 

Is there any plan of making ogers a little bit less dummy? From a long time they often stucks in turns. It looks that they do moonwalk :stuck_out_tongue: and they do not atack tempest towers  ?

Does using a guardians removes hero’s perks and auras ?  i mean whenever i press my guardian icon and mount it i can’t infect any enemy using my virus perk  and no effect from my bomb kicking aura