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There is a ring with infect aura? ?

I think he means the gloves.

Did i say a ring ? it is  OBVIOUS   that   i’m talking about  horkos virus  and zelos ring   :wink:   

Its the gloves, even heal aura is not working while guardian is active.

Hi There?

  1. Do you plan any upgrades on Towers LvL or Alliance Tower upgrade? Cuz with the Guardians its kinda ‘‘easy’’ 2 raid people.

  2. My other question is can u add a number on how many times we have forged smth. E.g: Life on Ogre 20times or Cooldown on Hammerstrike 25 times. This would be cool 2 know.
    I dont know how the others feel but I want 2 know that ?

  3. What about an Increase for The Alliance Members from 65 total to 70-80? 65 is a crooked number I think :slight_smile:

  4. What is the Maximum Number of Trophies u can get? I saw People gettin like around 6k. But can we get to 7-10K Trophies?

  5. What is the Goal for End - Game?

  6. When and What do you guys plan to do with the Granny and her poor ‘’ Shop ‘’?

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Please why don t tout Give automatcally skulls when whe break the portal like ninja no more medalsin chest so why notre the same on War?

That’s because when you mount your guardian, you’re no longer attacking with the hero… but attacking with the guardian itself.

So you’ll stop dealing the damage shown on the hero throne room:


To deal the damage of the guardian: (e.g.: Donkey lvl5)


All makes sense, if we read the description written on items which have status effects on weapon hit.

Example for the Aion’s Scepter:


 So basically: Perks based of “weapon strikes” are not applicable during the guardian duration.

thanks that make sense , but i’m not sure i like the way it is now because we equip items  to get some specific bonuses so removing them  is kinda   :blink:

Would you consider changing the daily alliance donation count down to say 20 or 22 hours instead of a hard 24?   The logic being is allowing someone to sleep late on the weekend but then not miss their donation during the week when they have to go to school or work.  Or similarly, if they have to work late one day it then creeps up toward their bedtime.    Meaning, being late once or twice does not mess up your whole routine for the week.  

It would also be nice if extra donations did not cost so much or were on a tier.  First donation at 25%, next at 50, 100 then 125% within a 24 hour period.   You may see an increase in use of Gems because players that use the method to donate more often will likely spend as much as they do now but be able to donate more.   Players that do not use the method might do so if the cost was not so high.     It can be some variant of that suggested.  


I will repeat it again and again, month after month.

Remove the cool down donation time and make it daily from 00:00 to 23:59 during the day, like daily chests.

 This request/question was answered in the December Q&A. No need to repeat over and over.


@Madlen do not be offended, I will ask in February too ?

Would you consider allowing healing & shield spells to affect the king while mounted on a guardian?  If you have low on health/shield when activating your guardian, you gain a temporary reprieve due to the health of your guardian.  However, when the guardian goes away you immediately revert back to your king’s health/shield state at the time that the guardian was activated which can result in a quick death if you’re not careful.  As a result, when I’m mounted I often have to decide whether to cast a shield (to keep my nearby troops alive) OR wait until the guardian expires before casting shield (to keep my king alive).  If healing spells/shield affected the king while mounted, this would make for a much easier transition from mounted->unmounted.

is it planned to find pro pals in pro chests, or special pro pal chests? Current they can only be bought in the pro shop …

Can you provide more info about Askas ??? Attack values? Maybe you can decrypt damage values by damage type, at the moment this pal stats can not be compared to other pals.

Are you working on new rewards in the COF?

  1. By far the best idea ever. Because a defense with ice weakness and a beast with ice resistance would be a really good challenge and players will have to search another way to win. I noticed that Flare doesn’t like unit with ice resistance neither…

Sounds like a really nice idea.

In fact, Vikings should have Ice resistance since they’re used to cold temperatures.

Instead of being weak to it  -_-

Hello!!! I,m doina leader to Garibaldi. in 22,01,2019 after Pro league (my alliance make more than 45000 points) but  not receive PRO BOOSTS MASS HYSTERIA -LEVEL 4, NOTHING,. WHAT TO DO???  

We fight a lot in PRO LEAGUE and now we have , 0;;  Boosts to FirebolT Towers!!! My team is very dissapoint, and tomorrow we have Conquest WAR.


What will happen when you will have all guardians maxed and you will get next one from guardian chest?

Maybe it’s asked already before, but why during war seasons and conquest first reward in cof needs to be skulls? Why those aren’t rewarded after successfully breaking the gate? Is there any intention changing this or are we supposed to pay gems all the time (worst case 45) to get them? 

I honestly hate the luck factor there, be fortunate and all skulls are found without paying a single gem, be unlucky and worst case you pay hundreds of gems to get the skulls inside chest and that for a single war! I bet I am not the only one not liking this part. I understand it’s a source of income, but why not just give the skulls after paying 15 gems? 

Hi doina,  Sorry to hear that! ?  For help regarding this please contact customer support. They can look into your account. This is not the thread for it, neither will anybody notice your issue like that. You can reach them here: Please write an English ticket.

Thank you and we apologize for the inconvenience!