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We will publish the May answers asap.
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About war season and conquest.
Can we maybe get a notification that a war is over? We get one when an attack is launched and when an enemy alliance is eliminated. Why not when a war is over? So that leaders and generals know that they can start a new one? And in conquest, so that players know that they can move again.

Just a thought. Would be nice :]


Hello, my teamates and I have made the sniper Pro league because of the possibility to have many chests in rewards.
Today i look one more time and have seen that the “rules” of this Pro league has been changed !!!
What would you do for us ? Have this pro league rewards as it was in the begining or “at least” have our pro league tickets back ?
I look for an answer as quick as possible please


Exactly right…this is hardly fair. How many people have bought or donated tickets to participate and are now at a loss??!

This has reeled people in with the promise of better rewards after a really difficult league last time. Error or not it should be fairly compensated.


Will vanity slot token be improved and revitalized in the next festival?
I will ask about the Phoenix token as well.

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We spent a ticket with the promise of better rewards. This was not our error, but Flare’s. Please fulfill the original offer.


Previous questions were in the previous months, then I start from 36.

  1. Do developers test pro league seasons (it seems no after Flothaboss’ retirement)?

  2. Will we have version 5.3, 5.5 or 6 in winter 2019?


That’s quite ridiculous.
PL rewards at the end are never never never the same as at the start.

I can understand increase rewards during PL, FG’s error and no penalization for players, but this time is nosense at all. FG’s error and players must pay for it? Fix it pls.


Hello guys,
these questions will be answered by the end of June.
I can understand the feedback about the Pro-League rewards, but this is not the topic for it to discuss this. Please stay on topic. If you want to further discuss this, please check this topic: Current Pro Rewards
Further off-comments will be deleted. Thank you for your understanding.


Guys focus on questions
Let Flare decide what to do with PL in another topic

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I think it’s a question i asked and we are in June right ?

So i you prefer, when will you stop changing rewards on Pro League ?


Why can’t Flare display the proper rewards at the time of a pro leagues start? What is advertised at the beginning of a pro league should be the rewards given! How hard is it to set the current rewards to a correct amount when the event starts?


R DEVs going to do something with current Diamond league record? Or it wil stay as it is just as a warning for cheaters?

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Earlier we had Monthly Pro League rewards and winner used to get special crown. Now that you have removed Monthly rewards, why don’t you remove the crown associated with it. No one else can win it again, so whats the point of keeping it?


Can you add more details about a player like

  • How long someone is playing (in Years)
  • How many times he/she won diamond league or other leagues
  • Top rank in world leaderboard made by player in career
  • Top rank achieved in PL
  • How many times switched alliance in last 1 month (to identify Jumpers)

Can you give an option to alliance leaders to ban some player from applying or entering to that alliance.

We as leader are tired of Jumpers. We kick them and Still they manage to get inside alliance as some generals allow them without knowing.

Need a permanent solution to put ban option for specific player by alliance


When conquest is not active, is there a way to

  • see what teams reside in a specific conquest tier?
  • see in what conquest tier a team resides?

This can be handy for some players when they look for certain rewards. For example when a player wants a shot to win golden uber chests, he could look for teams in tier 5+. When someone wants guardian chests, he might be looking for a team in top tier.

So it would be handy to be able to lookup that kind of information, before joining a team, figure out that this team participates in tier he is not interested in to play and then leave.

Now we can only see teams that were in tier where the alliance last time did participate.


Can you put highlighter or blinking tab to inform the availability of stones, wisdom or troops in Conquest map ? Best would be one tab which blinks and clicking on it automatically collects the resource for alliance.

During Conquest it becomes very difficult to collect stones, wisdom or troops from Conquest maps as they are located at different places and becomes available at different time interval. There is no way to automatically know which one is available for collection. We are forced to check the whole area frequently. This is annoying during intense fights.

Please let us focus on Conquest strategy and make our lives easy by giving an option to automatically collect all available resources.


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Q: Is it possible to get dungeons back? because disabling them is pretty harsh decision, u guys can just put off the medals and gold from it, atleast make it playable again
Q: When will we get next version of RR2 (5.1)? I’m really hyped for next new guardian and new upcoming features
Q: Well after introducing voucher chests in conquest rewards, we didnt get any other way to obtain them, is it possible to get them other than conquest because higher tier allainces can just only peek them