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Was it possible once? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


is that it is possible to add to the university a research on the acceleration of the duration of the battles. If the battles could go faster it would give an advantage to the connected players.

Currently, players can join at the last moment in the battle and win it. While this one lasts since 20h.
The extra players were not connected … it’s pretty unfair as a situation not to reward the most active among us.


We can choose the name of the alliance initially.
But if with time the name does not please us anymore we can not change it anymore.

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Yeah sure, but that initial creation is not a “change” … But I would support to change the name once - same as with the king.


When is the Blacksmith event gonna return?

It would make everyone happy to see Hans “Sensei” back :wink:

  1. Why is this topic in official subsection and not in Q&A developer sessions?

  2. If an unit “x” has in offense 11k health and 1k damage, while it has in defense 10k health and 1,1k damage, how do unit “x”’s stats change in offense and in defense if I forge its health “y” times and its damage “z” times (will unit “x”’s health and/or damage have the same amount of increment or the same percentual increment both in defense both in offense?)?

Frankly, because I make mistakes :rofl: Thanks , I adjusted it.

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Before, that FG put in place the new formule of the festival, with luck, one could have in the chests, one of the accessories of the festival.

One day, again, you give back the possibility of finding objects of the festival in the chests?

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Why not know, from the beginning of the conquest, the name of our opponents. This would establish an effective strategy from the first minutes of the game.

I like it better as a mystery… It’s fun to scout and know who’s on the other end… If we know who’s where, one small fun of playing conquest is eliminated… It’s better the way it is…


So… You want to make deals even faster eh? :thinking:

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Is it possible that one day we will be able to see level 16 and 17 for the alliance tower?

that would help his alliance by giving more gold…:blush:


Is there no mistake for the next promo?

Increased chances to find a pal … 4% … it’s not 40%?

^ I meant “Hans Sensei” = Blacksmith event…

Not a Hans event! :expressionless:

Can we get some info about why Event boxes (conquest, PL) have expiration date? Will this make any exploit? It is quite unclear especially after removing expiration date from daily pal and guardian chests.

I waited someone will ask

Now i have sure they will add expiration date to the daily chests:)

Will we have alliance conquest score in alliance details as we get the no. Of firedoms?

it is rather to know which strategy adopted offensive or defensive

I understand your point of view, the mystery of discovery that is part of the game.

Mine is that 4 teams are in front of each other, each of them knows the forces involved and the best team wins. The victory is made on the global strategy and by battle, on the activity of the players, the evolution of the other teams …

We ended up discovering who our opponents are after a day or two in general, this is not what, in my opinion, will increase or decrease the interest of this event. Strategy games like age of empires, warhammer … where we know our opponents are not lacking in interest …

margé everything I would agree with the general opinion, if we consider that this formula is the best I would not faormalize for that :blush:

Or perhaps expiration date from other chest will be removed :slight_smile: I don’ think daily chest had expiration date demoved by an accident, especially for so long. Everything is quite all right for me when i get resonable explenation from DEVs :wink: