Please post your June/July questions here

Hello ladies and gents,
We are busy with the new version (more info will follow soon). :rr2ninja:
That’s why this dev Q&A will stay open until end of July as well.
So if you have any more questions, please post them here.

ONE thing: We appreciate the feature requests or questions if we could implement a feature, but as I have said this is not the format here to answer it. Please open topics in the #royal-revolt-2-feedback:ideas-feature-requests section. It is very valuable for us that other members discuss those ideas as well and got to read that feedback and see the urgency from forum members.

Thanks guys! :rr2advisornod:


I don’t like to wait other 31 days for the answers.

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Hi… Is there any more interesting new events planned for the future?..

I have some considerable and important points

  1. Still after buff, Nemesis Blessing can’t be used at corner towers. Fix it.
    And make him do Blessing at first instant only when hero has less health. It takes 2-3 attacks to get blessing.

  2. When hero is attacking towers amd traps, then many times Nemesis stands behind and do nothing.

  3. Still the troops copied get stuck in middle of fields and inside of path and can’t move.

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How many chickens can be found in the game? :slightly_smiling_face:


How much cost a beverage in the tavern?

Because with the actual population in the “fort”, which consists only of a few houses, I was wondering how this place could produce so much gold. ^^

Like we have different favourite combos of spells ,troops and guardian… We need some layouts for it in equipment menu. Maybe change those ABCD buttons for equipment combo rather than king gear (It can be changed from throme room icon above). But this should not change the Pal because it can create confusion many times.

Yes, we need the ABCD button below spells for different combos and not for throne room stats/

We have already suggested in the past to have the A,B,C,D slots also tied to the Spells and Units…

Unfortunately though, Flare said it wasn’t in their plans…

I don’t get it though… If it’s such a requested feature, shouldn’t it be considered? :thinking:

How to prevent players from cheating in the game


I have been watching hackers everytime do some shit which affects players rank in the pro league. Do flare has any idea to stop these guys? :frowning:

[removed images - please stick to the forum rules: [quote=“system, post:1, topic:5”]
If you want to report in-game cheating behaviour please send a private message to @Madlen (Royal Revolt 2) or @CaptainMorgan (Olympus Rising). Name and shame in any other party of the forum will not be allowed and contents be removed.

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How do u know they r hackers ?

Look at their crown… They don’t have one! Whoever took part in pro league atleast have a transparent crown… It’s impossible to score such high points in their very first pro league. I suspect 99% they could be hackers. If you are closely watching every Pl, you could identify some.

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Can u make another jobs for workers except ugrding tower? Like gem mine or gathering pearl at the ocean.


How often does Nidhogg event come? When can we expect next nidhogg event???..

There actually is a job for them, building new structures on different layouts. So you should raid, collect gold and put them back to work, or convert the gold into items (granny) and put blacksmith to work for getting pearls. Collecting gems won’t happen for sure.

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How is a level 67 alliance with 350 troops suppose to compete with a level 80 alliance with 500 troops? We would need 2 teams worth of people? Why is this event so horrible? 5 days of humiliation and wasted resources. Why can we not opt out of conquest?

@Kuska, It seems that during conquest alliance ranks of teams plays a very important role.

So when you want to get less strong opponents, take a very dirty action before start of conquest and dump trophies like crazy with a lot of team members to get lower on alliance rank.

It sounds indeed strange, that you have to face teams level 80 with conquest headquarters level 10, while your team has headquarters level 7. So headquarters and alliance level also should be part of the matchmaker algorithm, although I feel that at this moment main factor only is alliance rank.

During war season, match making is already known, fiefdoms plus alliance level * 0.5. The result of this equation determines possible opponents. Say your team is level 68, -> Add 34 to your fiefdoms and opponents will have almost same outcome.

If your team doesn’t want to participate, then don’t leave stronghold. I know an opt out would be perfect solution, but as long as we don’t have that option, that’s the way to not participate conquest.

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I noticed conquest matchmaking is based on 4 alliances with similar strength of the same tier, instead of 4 random alliances of the same tier: this explains top alliances challenge each other in almost every conquest.

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Currently, the conquest mode is between 4 teams in a rectangular territory.

Why not organize once or twice a year a “superconquest” with 8 teams on a square card … just for fun :blush: