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Are there plans to create a player birthday reward? What I mean is, if there was a feature for players to put in their birth date and receive a small birthday prize on that date. Would be pretty cool

why you can not make the buddy chests and fellow carers alike every 4 hours. there are people you are not on Facebook for privacy reasons! these are disadvantaged in the game. just because they do not want to tell a company their whole life / their surfing behavior. maybe they could put this right in my view is not fair!

Do you have festivals for blacksmith in March? B)

please set a fixed event scheduling. Of course I can accept to know the event 24h hours before it starts (It would be better to know that oine week in advance but still, I can live with a 24h notice).

And in the same spirit : please cap the max time cooldown for anything perked to 7 days…currently it s 8 days and it s ruining the perks due to the lack of event scheduling…




I often lose the mouse cursor on the PC, is it possible to make it possible to turn off the flashes from the fire? Profi-league, it is very difficult to pass. I have already asked this, but have not received a reply.

I liked this, not because I lose track of my cursor, but because of the flashes. I nearly get a seizure every time there’s a flash lol. It’s a ridiculous flash, though it does add to the fire effect. Maybe tone it down a little or, like tatyana said, have an option to turn it on and off


Are there any plans for tower skins?

What gave you the ideas for the new unit skins?


Möchte wiessen, ob ihr darüber denkt, wenn man angegriefen wird, das video sehen kann, wie jemad mich angegrieffen hat?

Daswäre toll, wen ihr diese Moglichkeit im ver. 5. Hizufügt.

Man kan sehen wer wie meine Base zerstört hat,.

Gute Idee oder?





Any plans to slightly nerf the Pro League Boosted Gargoyle tower? With the double-spawning Gargs, they can reach our spawning Tent (where your King/Queen spawn whenever raiding a castle) way too easily, to the point I am happy to be using Janus, as it means that my troops NEVER spawn at said starting Tent, meaning they never attract the 2nd spawn of boosted Gargoyles near said starting Tent.

But for anyone who isn’t using them, if there’s even 1-2 boosted Garg towers alive for a semi-longer while as they continue to spawn troops from the tent, chances are their tent will get destroyed in the meantime (off-screen), and that appears to be one of the most popular strategies used right now, and it became kinda annoying already.

Gargoyles always were about efficient enemy Unit disposal, but now since they spawn another set of Gargoyles after previously imploding themselves, the AoE of their explosion can reach the starting Tent, destroying it while you’re in the middle of your raid.

And so I’d suggest to either reduce the AoE radius of the 2nd Gargoyle spawn (the follow-up) or reduce their aggro range somewhat.

How about a feature where you can sell your equipment to other players in your Alliance?  That way you can really help develop the Alliances younger players and making being in an Alliance an even bigger benefit.

There have been many suggestion similar like this in the past and keenflare has no intentions to implement it for a very good reason.

Level 130 players or players with cash can get items (higher hero level means better initial stats), upgrade the stats to even higher values by forging them and sell them to much lower members, items they should not even be able to have in their possession, unless they are willing to pay the price for it. To get an item with similar statistics, a low player will need to spend a fortune in terms of cash. 

To give you an example, say a high level player has forged a heal ring with skull perk to high values. He sells that item to a member, which now is not possible. The lower player now must instead buy a heal ring from pro shop and since there is no skull percentage on it, he must spend a lot of gems attempting to convert it into a skull heal ring first. Since only way to get similar statistics in a nearby future, he will need to buy gem packages and skip cool downs a lot and keep forging it. Keenflare is no charity company, so that’s why this will not be implemented.

Progress is intentionally being something personal.  You need to upgrade hero level, all buildings, troops, spells, including the items by yourself. And that’s how it supposed to be. If you want better gear, then either forge them or buy better ones by yourself.


we got an answer in the November Questions:


Can we expect dynamism for levels over 130? Many of us leave. Do you plan a queries system every day to have fun? Can we expect a real rise in levels, with a cash flow of 20 million, and at least 3+ levels of each building / tower / lot / unit?


Why there are no advertisements to reduce the cool down time on forgings.

Can you please take the Vanity Slot out of the bundle and make it purchasable with gems? I would really like to re-skin my king, but I can’t pay 10€ per month for that.

With Pals,Guardians and Ninja/Zombie/yeti do you have plan to balance the game between level 1 and level 100? There is no defense. Everybody can now soloing any base. Offense is just too much OP. Same OP is not enough to describe it. Its more than OP.Nothing to protect low player or medium players. Nothing to stop player attack and they lose all their precious gold. Myself right now I raid and do soloing with nothing. Just Monk, Kaiser and black Magic.

the game is totally broken so something is plan for version 5.0 or version 5.5 or future version to bring balance and be like before 3.0 retrieve a challenging game where the king was not invincible?

 because before 3.0 with no pals. that was impossible to do soloing any base. the 3rd spell was obligatory at level 20 to be stronger. Now 3rd spell and 3rd unit are optional and same at level 90. You can win easy with 1 spell and 1 unit at the point offense is OP and broken

RR2 need a serious rework in offense/defense

so my question is : Do you have a plan to rebalance all of this?

Any plans to allow items to be converted to pro? (with appropriate stat boost), it’s very disheartening to struggle with older items forged over a hundred times for a high skull perk when new items become available, birthday and vampire set seem to be starting a trend of updating uber items, but also says not to bother perking non-pro items.

Any plans to reward the high fiefdom alliances?  At the moment, everyone wants to drop fiefs to take care of high loser bonus, and as skull perk of 33 is achievable in a few weeks with pro items, the gap to high level alliances in skull perks doesn’t exist anymore, and instead has made it impossible to win after an alliance gets 1 loser bonus against a high fiefdom alliance.

Can the daily timings such as donation or be reduced by 15-30 minutes, so they can be collected at the same time each day? (or make them per 24 hours), it feels such a waste to have an alliance subscription but have to login every 8 hours to keep donations on track, I’m already paying money to donate more, why are you making me login or stay up late as well?

My 3 simple suggestions for much better war

  • Make champ fights double the regular fights rather than +10 (finding champs is very difficult these days)
  • Make doom gate a regular boost (no one wants it due to gate tower mechanic) and distribute the remaining 5 boosts for the top 5 alliances per war, rather than alternating (making it 2 months between boosts being won)
  • Have a 10-30 minute declaring window per day so all bonuses are calculated before next round of battles start (right now it’s a game of fastest finger on fastest network first)

Hi I have three questions,

  1. Can we have search function to search players in a certain medal range, and also gold. Also reducing the range of search in 100 instead of 500. Right now we can search for players within 500 trophy range, but in hundreds it would be great for instance I would like to search players in the 4200-4300 trophy range or 4500-4600, right now its difficult to scroll down to reach that range. Similarly search function for players based on medals, medals in 100 range, search for players that give 400-500 medals etc.

  2. In the boost section only the gold required is displayed can we see more info as how much it would boost the troops etc.

  3. Is it possible to have a test defense area, to test spells on towers and troops etc, sometimes I wanna try the range of a spell with respect to a tower, or just wanna see with troops vs troops fight. Right now I have to rearrange the defense every time to do tests and then rearrange back again to defend the castle. In the test defense area, can we have option to test fight against all the beasts even if we don’t have the beast unleashed, so that we can train better. I know this is too much to ask, but it would be helpful.

Thank you :slight_smile:


What happens when my hero wears an equipment which has increased toughness  &  attack rate as a perk in it .& Also when my hero wears it , I found no change in previous troop & later troop .So basically I want to know what it does to the troops & Hero also .Ex- My monk has a 6200+ toughness perk & 1300+ attack rate .

I also want from the flaregame to make some restrictions on players who always attacks on one kingdom for a month.It may be sounds unusual , but I am facing these difficulties a lot from 1-2 players . They are attacking me everyday 5-6 times as they are getting huge trophies & money .It is really making sad .Please help me.