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Hi… Will there be black skin available for all the pals? there is a default white skin for every pal, but no black skin… Will we ever get it, plain black?

And How about introducing skin shop? Instead of waiting for festivals, we can collect skin points from ‘skin chests’ that we can earn regularly or during festivals and skin points can be used to buy different skins of our choice…


• How are you feeling about the current state of Nemesis?
You finally made it a very fun, strong and desirable pal. But don’t you think you went too far, considering it became a top tier pal even “without” a special ability?!

• When can we expect the return of the Monthly Pro League?

• The Balancing Changes for version 5.0 were surely a big surprise, with buffs to offense stuff when everyone was expecting some nerfs to that side, or at least some buffs to the defensive side. But was that really all you wanted to change for version 5.0 at that moment? Or you only decided to go slower this time instead of a lot of changes at once?
Because not even 1 month after that we received the announcement of a nerf Donkey.

• Why is Flare so reluctant on the removal of war skulls on Chamber of Fortune? Many players have request that before, many times, but they were never listened. I’m pretty sure the vast majority of players would agree that it should be removed. When we are competing with other players, no one should be allowed to buy extra score.

• With all the time and resources needed to level up Waves, Pals, Guardians… and the endless forging upgrades for Items, Spells, Units, Towers and Obstacles. Aren’t you worried that this game is becoming too scary for new players?

• Flare’s Term Of Service says: “you shall NOT have more than 1 account AT ANY GIVEN TIME”. But how much does Flare actually care about that rule?
I’ve seen players get only an 1 month ban on secondary accounts and then they were back. If they were not allowed to have more than 1 account before being caught, why are they allowed after being banned??

I believe that Scroll Armageddon (pardon, if spelling is not right), should actually deal blunt damage rather than normal damage… Almost all the towers (and some troops) have blunt weakness and Armageddon, being a gem-used scroll, should be useful and hence have blunt damage…

Same with Phoebe… Phoebe, being a pro pal, should deal blunt damage instead of normal damage… Otherwise, irmgard would be better pal than phoebe (just saying, phoebe is way better)…

Will these be considered in the future changes?

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I’m getting really ticked off about Nemesis. I spent 150,000 pro crystals to buy him and a ton of food to upgrade him. He should be the strongest pal, and he is, but barely.

He’s better than he was, don’t get me wrong. But the last few weeks I couldn’t help but notice adjustments that were being made. Especially with his target priority which to a point is OK, but you’ve gone too far.

When I’m fighting a beast on a board, let’s say Pheobe, he’s used to be a big help. Then Spike Traps became a higher target priority which made it tricky, but it was still OK. Also, when he’s too close to a target he wont shoot at it which started about 2 weeks ago. Again it makes it tricky, but still OK

But the last week or two, it’s got really messed up. Now he’ll fire once or twice at Pheobe then stop firing at Pheobe try to run past Pheobe to shoot whatever’s behind Pheobe. This is when it started to cross the line IMO. But it’s still kind of understandable since the enemy units behind Pheobe move closer, still he should shoot at the closest target IMO which is Pheobe, not what’s behind Pheobe.

But I just played a board where Nemesis fired twice at Pheobe and then tried to run past Pheobe to try to shoot at a spike trap. The spike trap didn’t move, why did Nemesis suddenly decide to switch targets?

I also notice that Nemesis now follows behind me most of the time and takes a long time to catch up, then takes time to select a target. Too much time IMO between catching up and selecting a target to shoot at.

And yesterday while fighting a Pheobe nemesis turned a wolf to my side with confusion (I think) so I couldn’t fire on the wolf. And every time the wolf howled he helped my enemy instead of helping me.

And Basilisk towers, he just stands there looking at it and waiting for it to turn so he can shoot at it instead of looking for an alternative target.

You’ve done a lot to mess with Nemesis to make him weaker. Turning wolves with confusion for instance, it turns the wolf into a time bomb and I have to watch them so when they turn back I can try to kill them before they howl. Making spike traps a high target priority. Making it so Nemesis wont shoot at anything if he’s too close. The Basilisk tower thing, etc…

But messing with his targeting priorities while fighting Pheobe like you have has gone way too far. If you don’t want to make Pheobe the highest target priority, that’s fine. Just don’t make her the lowest priority. But most of all, when he’s firing at Pheobe he shouldn’t stop firing at Pheobe if nothing else that’s a higher target priority moves closer to him than Pheobe.

I spent a lot of resources to buy and level up Nemesis. Please fix it and stop messing with it.


Is there a way to make the in game chat rooms (main and general’s chat) a bit more different? The text bar where one types looks exactly the same for both chat rooms, so if you aren’t used to checking which room you’re in (like with new generals) sending a general’s message can accidentally get done in the main chat room. This can happen as easily as hopping out to check a tile number for planning future towers (done in general’s chat) and then back in to the chat (which puts you in the main chat room again). If new generals aren’t aware of this, it can cause problems, especially since text stays there now. Please find a way to make the two chat rooms look different, even if it making the text bar a different color.

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Will be there new contents for maxed lvl players?
I think you guys have to provide some new systems for old players to make there hero more stronger and unique. The maxed lvl(130) system has been more than 3yrs (eg. I suggest Rebirth system)

Will you consider rebalancing the pro chests?
Only Pro reward is the pro item and the pro ticket but I didn’t get a ticket for more than 6 months, thats over 100 pro chests.
You need to add pro pals in pro chests, increase the pro tickets drop rate, pal food in pro chests should be over 5000 per drop, pearls in pro chests should be over 2000 per drop.

I agree with pal treat and pearls amount… but no, pro pals should not be included in the pro chest… it’s not fun that way…


BLACK SKIN BLACK SKIN BLACK SKIN!!! Thank You so much FlareGames… This is the best festival season ever… :black_heart::black_heart::black_heart:


Just For Fun: Will there be Royal Revolt III ?..

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What about adding fiefdom rewards/penalties to conquests?

This will not only mitigate teams’ abuse of fiefdom system through fiefdom droppings, but it also helps push teams to proper ranks so that LB system can finally shine for what it was originally intended to be.

All teams do their best in conquests and favor conquest rewards over that of war seasons, they would never consider ranking low in conquests simply to drop fiefdoms and get inferior rewards in war season.

In case you approve, I suggest using a scheme with fixed number of fiefdoms as per ranking. for example, +2 fiefdoms for 1st place, +1 fiefdom for 2nd, 0 fiefdom for 3rd, and -3 fiefdoms for 4th place can be an interesting start. (similar fixed fiefdom rewards can also be applied to war seasons to discourage fiefdom droppings even more)

Is there a possibility of getting a pro pal in regular pal chests? I have heard some players report that they actually got nemesis in a pal chest… is that even a valid thing?

I dont not speak against such schemes, if there are any… It’s a good thing to find pro pals in regular chest… haha… but just asking, is that even a thing? is there really a possibilty of finding pro pals in pal chest?

Is it possible to add daily missions?


add daily missions and get rewards on completion? I like it… totally support the idea… :v::v::v:


Is it possible to have some insight of RR2 plans for the 2nd half of the year, like we had a few months ago?
I think it’s always good to keep the hype up :slight_smile:


Are there any plans for regular(not pro) defensive beast?
As of now more than 1/2 of the beasts you created are not even used :frowning: and even in the 1/2, 70% are only phebes. At least that’s the feeling I have.


Is it possible to decale the dates of upcoming festivals and program them during conquests rather than during ninjas?

It takes food (bread) to participate to the festival and the ninjas, which is sometimes a bit complicated … while for the conquest it takes energy

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In the conquest next to the figure of the player you need to put a red or green dot. This will allow you to see how many people near the target is online. Most of the participants are one on the cell and watch everyone who is online takes a long time. This addition would simplify the decision to launch an attack.

:rr2advisornod:Adviser or King, which one is older?

Will we be getting different beasts option on different defence base layout to choose and set ? Every base needs its own Beast.

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