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Are there any plans for new alliance levels?

Heal puddles of phoebe seem to regenerate 13% of max health (shown by stats). Yet they often heal phoebe beast back to max, while much more damage is done than the 13%. Are you planning to fix this bug?

I think it’s not correct that phoebe beast in some situations keeps max health, while tons of damage is already done. Could be multiple heal puddles on same spot, but also there, there should be a limitation of heal puddles at same moment.



Some time ago, you increased the maximum level of +1 rounds.
Is it conceivable to do it too, a day, for spells😉?

After the defense … the attack

Hello, I have a few questions:

  1. Could you bring back the calendar of events incoming in the game? - It was really usefull :wink:

  2. When will return a chance to get Fritz pal?

  3. Are there in your plans a new troops / spells or building / towers in the game?

  4. Are the daily missions will show up in the game?

  5. Any new events like ninjas and pro league? - maybe something like was in the Royal Revolt 1 like rabbit challange or mages?

  6. More attractive of pro chests rewars? - I mean there are expensive and rewards are not really worth it.


Totally agree with reefor, I tought it was only in my mind or casual momentary bad rides, but you describe exactly what really happens,.
Is nemesis suffering a silence nerf?

Totally Agreed… Pro Rewards are not as appealing as it should be…

Whale, whale :whale:, hello there!
Thanks for the discussion and questions so far!
Just one tiny thing: Feature requests/Ideas should rather go in the idea section #royal-revolt-2-feedback:ideas-feature-requests . I know it is tempting to ask them in the Q&A but they better sit in that section. We love all of them suggestions but it is better to keep them in there. :rr2blacksmiththumbsup:
Thank you :heavy_heart_exclamation:

This was on my to-do list :wink: I am glad I could share it now. Have a look here:

(Feedback about that goes into the feedback topic for that topic, not here please :hugs: ).


Previous questions were in the previous months, then I start from 33.

  1. Why has ninja boss not almond eyes?

  2. Does loser bonus work in all 6 battles or in those 3 battles where I won less skulls?

  3. Why have crows around wizard’s tower disappeared?

Crows only are seen when your spell is being upgraded.

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The pro-league has been getting really hard in the latest weeks…

Long were the days where we didn’t need almost everyone to participate, just so we could have max pro-boost.

This is really stressfull and makes playing PL really tiresome sometimes…

Can we expect some normal Pro-Cups once again? Or is this going to become even more frequent?


Hello, just a quick fyi.
Answers are to be expected next week.

How about a dragon and castle gate skin skin :grinning:


I want a skin for my Royal advisor where she has silver hair. She is the only guardian that has a pop up dialogue when you cast spells. I want a pop up that says “dracarys” when my paladin/ pyro/ froster summons a dragon after equipping that skin.


Hi. Is there another community week in the offing? If not, could we have weekly events back?

if i am not wrong, then community week starts every second wednesday… i.e., if this wednesday community week started, then next wednesday, it does not and again next wednesday it starts… after every interval of 1 week, community week starts…

Events start after ninja event. Another we get is a monthly (or 4 weekly) festival.

Problem is that the gap between the many event types we can get is 2 weeks and with many possible events, it can take a long time before the event we/you are interested in takes place.

I would suggest to give us 3 events (now we didn’t get an event, while it would be perfect moment to start one also) and keep the festival always before start of (and during) conquest.

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Does mortar really deal blunt damage? Where has its poison damage gone? Is it a bug or is this part of the boost for pros??? I am confused…

Yes, once the Mortar has the “Corrosion Caster” boost activated, it will only deal Blunt Damage.

As you can see on this Wikia page: RR2 Wikia Corrosion Caster page.


Its not Corrosion Caster, its Putrid Prowler this time!

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