Please prepare another reward for Skull Point.

For example,  declared that one of the four alliance  this time will give up the game. “I’m satisfied just by giving me trout as much as Rewards”

After that the expansion will be terrible.

Alliances on both sides of the alliance that abandoned the fight got institution at once.
and They collaborate and attack every night at the same timing.

Our game is the defense only from the second day.

The number of matches is quite large. In the evening in the morning at night

They are moving at 4 o’clock in the morning.It is a very tiring time.

Last time our opponent on both sides was also 、、、It was an alliance of the same country

They have done a coordinated attack.

The attack continues fiercely and severely longer than the alliance warfare.

Continuing this for 8 days is painful.

Moreover, the development of the game advances very early this time.

By the morning of the 2nd, the opponent will attack from both directions, up and left.

There are 30 active in conquest in our alliance. Moreover, they all have work at noon.

The other 30 are doing things not related to the conquest. I guess it can not be helped.It’s hard and it’s a long game game.

The number of games is terrible There is nothing to get. Today finally the Brazilian general said “We have won but nothing.”

I want a reward for Skull Point.

Still I think that few people are pleased.

It is fun to watch any strategy In a short time.
I think that this will disappear from the alliance of minor languages if it is a long time.

The alliance of countries with many users. It will only be left


Do you understand? Conquest has such a nature.

Please praise all the alliances that fought in any game development and give a reasonable prize. There are alliances who negotiated and joined hands, and there were obviously alliances that did not get there. The territory belongs to those who won, but please prepare the worth for the fight even if you lose.

So it should be like in war? The more skulls an individual member scores, the better the rewards for him. If it’s like that, it would be bad imo.

Why? Simply for the fact that some members will probably just walk around and start wars like crazy just to get some chests or whatever. Ofc that’s fine when you don’t participate as an alliance, but for the rest it’s bad. Would bring out the selfish side in some

Yeah it happens, we have plenty loose cannons. Leader and generals couldn’t control their act therefore strategic plan failed. Everything out of control, this tactical game mode become chaotic ***** ?

Indeed I understand

After all the alliance war is excellent.
Even if it is aimed, what you gain is great. :stuck_out_tongue:

Conquest never gains you win if you are targeted

If the Skull point reward is only for the alliance, what will the  loose cannon?