Please refund the gems used for shielding

FG did return the gems for players who used gold. Why not return the gems used for shielding?

consider this

I used a 3 day shield to take advantage of the event, I am a free player and use gems carefully.

now if FG returns the gems, I have no complaints, but if not I will be forced to utilise the shield and upgrade non-maxed towers with times of 8-9 days. In the event of this event returning, I will be left with no workers.

This is really bad, and FG should consider returning the gems used in shield immediately and revert the shield protection. I don’t mind the exposed gold.


If i understood Alysea right, the new levels won’t come back before the end of the event week
(Apples quality process for a new version takes some time).

So just upgrade your non maxed towers and profit from the defense event.

You must have received gems for your upgrades…  And if your base is max and waves are max and have nothing to spend it on.

Event is still on, and all towers is still discounted, there is just no new lvls. So event is for me just upgrade secondary towers since all towers is allready max :wink:

It’s good that it helped you, but specifically for the users who it doesn’t help…