Please remove cap on gems received for defending

@PaSte @FTB With ever increasing demand for gems can flare remove gems cap for defending bases. Currently it is 100 gems for single raid , it should now be removed . Also the gems that we get for raider reviving is 5 right now it should be increased to 10 gems, similarly for othee scroll usage by raider. Defendee should get better rewards

Its 7:1 ratio right now

It should be decreased 

I really think that all the gems used should be transferred to the other players. If it costs a player 48 gems for a resurrection, you should get that many, instead of the 10 or 15 that you usually get. Don’t get me wrong, it’s fine the way it is, but I think it’d be better to give the player with a base that’s hard enough to force a resurrection, more gems. Players should be rewarded for having a good base, but more so than they are now

@AwesomestKnightest, I hope you will become a community manager in few years!

Haha, yeah that’d be an awesome dream come true :slight_smile:

Yes but this will make ppl to cheat if all gems were transferred as it is

True, very true. You’re referring to dropping, correct? That is indeed one of the good things about the 7:1 Ratio and the cap, it prevents the transferal of gems. Good point

I was also thinking to lower it to ratio 1:5 and increase it to 200 gems as a cap. We need now 24k extra gems to max those new buildings. But I think flare won’t change the cap.

Better would be to give more often lower amount of gems inside chests. We now find 1 pearl sometimes as a reward, why not 1-5 gems? 

These are all wonderful suggestions, but I don’t think they will change a thing.

This update is clearly aimed at making players spend the big bucks.

I had hoped they would create a different currency than gems to upgrade our buildings… Like a “Conquest token” maybe…

But oh well. I’m so disappointed right now  :slightly_frowning_face:

Can be a nice idea to up at 200 the cap. Now with all the gems needed in RR2 its just crazy. So if we can get 200 for a attack in defense. I am not against it :slight_smile:

the big problem is not even the cap, i mean, how often do you even get 100 gems from one single attacker???

we just need a nice and fair ratio instead of the current joke that we have

Exactly, when someone scrolls we get 1-2 gems per scroll, only resurrecting is more costly. But with all the violence coming from the extra boosts, the odds that raiders die, increases. So we should be rewarded better for having a good defense. 

I expect either more players to fail and hope that they will leave gems. But since everyone, including the free players invest those gems like crazy, I expect the opposite at the start.

If you face often Chinese Alliance you will understand :grinning: they have a lots of gems spender in those alliance and I remember when I was in Genie and Master with my previous account. Reach 100 is not hard if someone die 10 times and use 6 times each scrolls. Happen to me many times. So reach a cap of 200 nothing hard

The most that I got was 82 from a single raid. Would like to get full amount of actual gems spent on raid. Don’t understand how you can cheat to have someone drop trophies to get gems. If they had gems legit in first place who cares how they get used. I have given up raids and given gems to people just for the hell of it.