please return my accounts. wrong ban accounts

hello admin and guys.

today, alot of account that bought gems from doinnovation have been banned.

but, here are accounts didn’t buy gems from him but still have been banned:

  1. cuong108

  2. PK Liều Lĩnh

  3. Phụng Vũ Phi Tiên

  4. King ginseng

  5. OneNightOneLv

  6. Linhnguyentruong5

  7. Amunhan

  8. Lollollollollol

  9. nho luc

  10. Lonely108

    I know , the accounts is prohibited by the package purchased gem hero hack through road , but it 's my accounts do not, I just complete the task to get the gem Tapjoy . so I suggest you return me to my acc continue gaming.

Please help and solve for me soon. Thank you FG

From Alysea :


This topic is still valid, without exception.

If you purchase or purchased gems from another source than the in-game store itself (by using an external vendor for example), we reserve the right to temporarily suspend or permanently ban the according account(s) as it is a violation of our terms of service.

Thank you for your understanding.

Your Royal Revolt 2 Team 

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