Please review the build times please?

As per the subject title, kindly review the build times. It is taking far too long once you reached a certain stage. And most of the times, my maxed leveled storages for my hero temple are always full because

  1. The storages had holding limit that are too low.

  2. There’s a limit cap preventing players to donate more to their alliance. (130k gold a day when I have 7m gold storage limit is kinda funny tbh.)

  3. There’s no other usage for wisdom.

  4. The waiting time for the next builder to come free are at least 2 days away.

These factors give very little motivation for players to play this game more, attack more since we got no way to use the gold and wisdom that are already overflowing. 


buy equipment crates!!!

I actually had to do this a few times, as I was pretty full in gold and had to wait until the upgrades were over.

Got a few good things among all the chests I opened!

buy another worker?  Right now with upgradeing  waves, units, powers and the 4 workers, I find it hard to pay for them all…

Lolz. I can’t buy anymore workers already. 

Equipment crates is one outlet for gold but wisdom? No where to use them…

I would suggest an option of using more resources such as using the same amount of resources that require to build in order to reduce the building time by 50%. So that player would consider the time reduction for some special buildings.

Someone need to look into this please. 

Logged in every time and my resources are always full or near full, this really demotivates me to do attacks since I dun need resources. I have 4 builders and they are always tied up with 3+ days’ jobs…

Either reduce the building times or let us have the option of buying more builders or make gold, ambrosia and wisdom turn into prestige when ur resources are full. And please remove those grey equipment and give us gold directly instead. Why make players click one more time just to sell these crap?