Please specify the value of Rune : Now it just depends on luck!🤦‍♂️

Please specify the value of Rune. Everyone is using the same amount of Pearls in it. But it does not give everyone the same value. :rage:

Why not have a specific value here? There is something like 10% to 20%,…Then you give only 11% :confounded:Why not specify a value for everyone???

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FG Please specify the value of Rune.

Comment below what you think of it.
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There are too many casino elements in this game.

Think on forging, we try to forge and some get a failure while others are successful in first attempt. Removing a perk from an item and some need numerous attempts to get the perk they want, while others get it in a few or even 1 attempt. Opening cof during conquest and war seasons is one of the most hated casino element. Be unfortunate and pay 15-45 gems for the skulls, while fortunate ones don’t need to spend a single gem. It’s even worse when it happens several times in a row.

We can go on with this, when we open chests, some find useful items, gems and stuff that helps, others find useless items, 1-2 pearls and even 1-2 vouchers. The list goes on and on, so I don’t go into details for runes, hidden treasures, applying runes and other stuff.

In this situation you describe, it’s only an attempt to lure you in, applying another rune of the same level and type to get a better value.

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If you consider how many runes you need to get lev6 rune… if you consider how many pearls you need to merge lev1->lev6 … If you consider how many pearls you need to apply rune…
and after all that you have a chance of getting 5% or 10% bonus of something …
This all make NO SENSE from the beggining :sweat_smile:


Does level 6 rune also have ranges in %?

Even with a rune lvl 6 you don’t get max value. You need many runes lvl 6 to get closer and closer to the max value. Impolite. At least let us receive max value when we get the rune lvl 6. For the rest of the runes levels play as you want flare.


And its seems nice, cuz you forced to make more runes

Smart move

Speaking as a free player, I never really understand why other free players want to limit the spending of paid players on the game.

If the rune system is as such that paid players can keep paying to improve the stats of their level 6 runes, then let them if they want to.

These paid players are the reason why the game is surviving.

Can free players still play and compete in the game? Absolutely.