Please stop it flare

I get this at least 2 to 3 times EVERY week. I’ve already bought it one time, what more do you want from me? I am saving gems for AT upgrade and it’s just sitting there waiting for me to accidentally click it when it pops up. It’s very annoying, please stop it flare

Not sure what you’re talking about, but agree, it’s annoying and has to go.

Okay, yeah, I’ll show you a picture. The 1500 gems for 5 Uber Chests. Thanks for saying this, as I meant to put up a picture but forgot lol

Please Flare dnt stop it

many players need this offer to collect chests for BS event

Dear players if you were intelligent you should buy inventory slots instead so that you’e sitting with 200+ uber and pros ready to melt instead 

200 ubers  its a 1200 gears

seems we need to buy 1200 item slots, yes?

seems not intelligent

I have 250+ slots, but find these great still :slight_smile:

  • it does ask you to confirm before buying them, so don’t worry.

What does 1200 gears mean 

Its mean in 200 uber chests you can find like 1200 items… ypu would be bankrupt if you would buy 1200 item slots

With maxed speed of this blacksmith you can melt down 771 pearls per hour when it’s boosted. Unless you skip cool down time for those items, you can generate 19.286 pearls within those 25 hours.

So I don’t think it’s useful to have 1200 slots. Even when an average of 100 pearls per item is given, and you can get 20k pearls, 200 reserve slots would do just fine. Unless you want to have them for show in reserve.


usualy i doing like 300 k per day)

you just forget about many players who really need pearls

Cromka, how many gems you need to skip cool down? I was talking about pearls possible without investing any gems.

You need gems to skip meltdown time to get the remaining 280k pearls. Now let’s see. skipping 30 minutes costs around 10 gems for around 385 pearls. Let’s make it easy and say 400 pearls for 10 gems cool down time skipping. 280k / 400 = 700 gems. Well… If that’s the case, it’s not a bad investment. Even when it would cost 1k gems, it is interesting. 

Honestly I don’t forget players who need pearls. Everyone needs them, only… Some need a mountain, while others don’t.

Okay… So the lesson is, when you have plenty of uber chests in reserve and you can afford to invest a few k of gems, then blacksmith can provide you with a load of pearls. The few pearls from invested gems I will ignore, that’s nothing in comparison with the pearls you gain. 

don’t be an idiot! I wasn’t saying to take it out of the game! I was saying to stop constantly have this pop up for me. I get it once every 3 days and it’s really frustrating

? be patient please

they cant delete it from you without delete from everyone


so i asked them to save them(

Yes I understand, but it’s a bit frustrating to have this pop up so often

Cromka needs tons of pearls to feed his pet warthog. :stuck_out_tongue:

As for slots vs 5xubers, while that may be quite a bit of forgeable items, there’s plenty of uber chests to collect in between bs events so a place to store them is nice. Unless you are maxed with excess gems (like 5% of playerbase), then you can just keep feeding the smithy around the clock. Lil’ poor me will have to do without either slots or offers as they’re equally too expensive (saving up for bs slots and stuff).

I need pearls, but now i think i invested like 4 000 000 pearls and need only a few. Its enough just use ninja prizes ) and its very good, no need invest money. 

Wow that’s impressive Cromka

If it’s only once every 3 days it’s not that bad.

The granny “special offers” of legendary items costing 400 gems are way worse and more frequent.

I see, but they don’t pop up in your face, giving you a large chance of losing 1500 gems. There is a difference between intentionally buying one of granny’s crap items for 400 gems and accidentally clicking a 1500 Uber Deal that is most likely crap items