Please take actions against player "" who deliberately tried to destroy the alliance BURNINATOR by kicking all the soldiers.

 The player with ign : karanpreet610. kr  . after gaining confidence in my friends alliance ( where my friend MD.NURUL HUDA RUBEL)who is another general . at burninator kicked all the soldiers from their alliance deliberately and said That his mission is accomplished . BURNINATOR was one of the top 40 alliances .When my friend said me in personal chat option that the guy karanpreet kicked all players i was shocked to see Burninator with only 6/60 members in it. THERE MIGHT BE MORE MEMBERS like him send to destroy our alliances friends .Me Being the General at alliance Us vs Them I will try to help alliance Burninator in the serious situation they are in currently in between the war season. He symbolises the suicide bombers in Paris for me -as it takes a huge time and effort to create such an alliance which is shattered within seconds.WE should either punish this guy friends but whatever way we can.And PLEASE ROYAL REVOLT and Flare games look into this matter and take severe steps against the guy before any other player thinks to do like The PLAYER did to the alliance Burninator. The leader also within my contacts is  trying to get back the players whose IGN he remembers.But it looks a very hard rather almost impossible task to get back most of the players. Hope BURNINATOR gets back their lost glory back soon.

PUNISH player “” !!!

What a crappy. Maybe FG should put a dayli limit of kicks for generals.


If that’s true… that’s a horrible way to represent one’s country. IRAN POWER, what say you?

It’s clearly another player trying to blame IRAN POWER, imo  :stuck_out_tongue:


He would not never say that if it was really him

I got confirmation from Iran Power himself that he didnt do it, and he requests flare to look into it and see if it’s him or not.

I never never never accept it… and flare must check it exactly and find out who’s bastred said that fukin shit… ot must check and that fucker must bann from game… I will pay 1000$ to flare if they bann him… good luck…

you think this shit is funny? get the fuck out of here Silver.


this is not the place for your nonsence

It seems the player bated IRANPOWER .that karanpreet610kr did the sinical conspiracy and then he put the blame on someone else. That’s tooo bad . He should be banned blacklisted so that no more players have the thoughts of doing this shamefull act.

burninator members seeking vengance should level there expectations.


as shitty of a this as it was to do, this rouge burn general acted inside the rules of the game.

and flare cant and wont ban a player for that.


this should be taken as a lesson to all Alliance leaders.

dont promote people you cant trust.

1000$ lol  :wink:

I think also this iranpower here in the forum is fake…

That’s really creepy to pretend to be someone like that. IRAN POWER literally has someone pretending to be him and the massive question is why? I think the suggestion where people were asking for a promotion between Leader and General should be imposed asap so generals can only declare wars. Now you cant say for them to invite as they may invite sabotages as well

With this incident… Flare should review the Generals resposibility

Generals should not be allowed to kick members, or limit their ability to do it.

And Please Flare try to secure your game…

This game should have a log in and password or connected to an email account…

Yeah, maybe a limit of 3 kicks per day for generals. Leaders can kick all. Royal is very safe, as long as we connect by google (Android) and in iPhone and WP I dont remember the cloud server name.

An insane player who is a hacker can easily hack a royal revolt account.

This game is not as secure as u may know it.

Like what had happenned to Immortal legends, a few months ago their clan was also deliberately taking down.

The leader account got hacked and he kicked all the members…

This kind of incident should be avoided, players spend tons of money in this game.

So they must secure our accounts.

It’s there stupid Leaders fault.

If you make people you can’t trust a general then you are just stupid.

You are giving too much sympathy

He is an Indian player, he also comes in our alliance ones but when leader did not activate ogre he said many bad words and then he went to burnitors

The leader of burninator is a very good person, he trusted on karanpreet and make him general, but leader did not know the truth of that bigbadass behind screen, so it’s not leader’s fault