Please take the borders off of sigils.

I noticed recently that guilds got borders to their sigils based on how they did in the last war. 3rd got bronze, 1st got gold, 2nd got silver, the rest got coal.

I feel like this is going to create a concentration gradient for recruitment. Like, people see the gold on a guild’s sigil, and they may think “Ooo, I want to leave my guild for them! :D” And I feel like this higher demand is going to lead to the guilds who won recently, being put into an eternal state of winning, and the rest into an eternal state of losing.

Now, some may argue, “But that’s just to get the active players out of inactive alliances!” Well, I do agree that active players need active alliances, but the thing is… Active players leave inactive alliances /naturally/. Once they get an invite from another alliance, they’re gone. But the extent that /this/ takes it to, is that it encourages people to leave /losing/ alliances.

“But Ovoneus, what’s wrong with leaving losing alliances?!”

Extinuating circumstances. Let’s take Angelic’s last season, for example. We were put right on top of a Lv.16 alliance (we’re Lv.21). They had a lot of trophies, but we had more members, so we naturally had an advantage. On Day 1, we boxed them in, preventing them from attacking anyone but us. And, needless to say, they came in last. They’re a good guild, but in the wrong league, /and/ against the wrong alliance. So imagine this with your alliance. Next Season, you get put in one of the corners, right above/below the top alliance in the league. They box you in. Doesn’t matter if you were 2nd best, you’re going to get stuck with the losing sigil. Being stuck with the losing sigil, your recruitment drops to 0. You may even /lose/ some members. Now, all your loyal members are stuck with a weaker alliance, just because you had bad luck.

Overall, I feel that the borders around the sigils are pointless and, in fact, counter-productive. I feel that the elite boosts and tax boosts are enough of a reward for winning (:

I can see your point and reasoning for this but honestly it would be a shame for it to disappear and Flare won’t take it away as it doesn’t seem to be a issue.  The reason I like it, is it could be a possible incentive for future recruitments, it shows off the Alliance’s powers and strengths, and plus it makes the Alliance stand out and the emblem like nicer and more royal.  It doesn’t seem like it would cause an issue unless Flare takes away every Season because it would seem like a punishment then if an Alliance does win twice in a row.  Other then that, there is no issue.  I don’t see how it would put anyone in a winning streak state because those people will be matched up against other 1st place Alliances in the next Season and plus it provides no benefit except the boosts but like before the Alliances will be matched up now based on Fiefdom counts and wins.

I see your point, but I think those borders are one of the many cool things in the update. If your alliance wins any good place, then you’ll be able yo show it to everyone proudly, otherwise it doesn’t matter, they won’t know if you came at last place either. I consider those borders part of the prize you get by having a great performance in the Alliance Wars :slight_smile:

Ok, but I don’t feel that others should be punished, either, considering the Luck factor in it all.


Can you confirm if my facts are correct? Also you can always go alliance-less or join other alliance if you can’t take the shame XP


Unless you’re the alliance leader like me, then you’re stuck with the shame