Please think of a new way to use the pearls

I get pearls faster than I use them, I now have near 3000 sitting there not doing anything.

something like to buy food, convert back to gems, unlock special theme, upgrade to special spells or towers range etc.

Scrolls consume them relatively fast and very effiecent!

+1… @Ronny, he said he have near 3k pearls… who will spend 3k on scrolls? :wink:

I had  1500 something when they introduced the Armageddon scrolls. In the fight, I rarely need to use them

Use 2-3 Armageddon Spells on all high trophy/medal bases and become #1 in the world! :wink:

i guess u must be still far from top 200 or even top 500 where bases are still relatively easy for you. If you climb higher, you will need to do some pearl scroll in some bases

Drop some pearls on my base :stuck_out_tongue:

Agree with you desihero, we should get pearls for pearls used against us, certainly more gems if not, armas have made it too easy to kill kingdoms.

You’re getting pearls faster than using? Then you gem scroll a lot. Lol how about changing to pearl scroll

I think you should spend some on good items :slight_smile: