Pleaseee change the background musiccc pleaseeeeee

I’m so done with this crying/screaming/howling background music that i prefer playing while on silent mode.

it just feels like i’m listening to someone crying their miseries to me.

here are some suggestions in case you have no clue.


invincible Or victory from Two Steps From hell

these guyz have great music and if you can’t copy theirs then just make something like them.





Emmanuel881 :wink:




Two Steps From Hell is epicness.

Good pick Emmm. :wink:

Yeah, I’ve turned my game’s music off too and instead I play songs from my playlist while I play Olympus Rising. It would be really great if you can provide some alternatives 

Let’s prepare a play list… 

My selection is Dio-Holly Diver 

And i do not fear any opponent while attacking, that song fits me nice???

The song is really awesome. that don’t disturb me at all. I play same song in RR2 since 2 year+. Do the same for Olympus Rising is not a problem. When you play video game since 20 year and more. You learn to appreciate music and all. So I like it. Sometime I wait in my Mount Olympus just to listen the music