Ploughing gems???

what does ploughing gems means ??? and its illegal???


you make a new account and transfer the free gems you got for finishing the tutorial to your higher level account by raiding and scrolling you high level king’s base.As far as I remember , auto ploughing was illegal.I’m not sure what Flare think about manual ploughing but its surely wrong for me.

I tried it before, totally not worth it.


farming at tapjoy is much better, I get 2400gems in 3-4 days.

Pretty much all my buildings, spells and troops have been upgraded. Now only the towers and castle guards are hard to catch up.

Tapjoy for Android and iOS , ploughing only done by Windows user on PC


There was already a member on this forum who recently got his account taken away for ploughing gems so i advise you not to do it and besides it is really not worth the effort and time. Just play the game the way it was meant to be played fair and you’ll enjoy it more with out the worries of your account being banned.

Lol can un tell the name of that person

me… :slightly_frowning_face:

very unfair with windows users…

game should be equal for all platforms… why tapjoy for android…

Its a restriction by Microsoft if I’m not mistaken.Yeah its very unfair but you just have to live with it , I’m on Windows too.I’ve complaint a lot before this about free food and tapjoy but eventually realise it just take some proper planning to compete although at slower rate compared to Android and iOS.

hmm…  hope next update will come with some windows stuuffff.

well King Joelie, say WELCOME KARMA!!

watch the people’s words they say to you, there come an a time , it’s deserve to you…


You are mistaken. The reality is that Tapjoy doesn’t support Windows.


Even then - what about the free gems/food video offers? Those and tapjoy are two distinct things.

they are doing something in new update for windows users…


Ploughing gems

any more