Ploughing is it illegal?

if there’s no food or free gems on us windows players… u should free us to use ploughing because there’s no other way too get or come up in the league or to make stronnger our defense and heroes…






This is funny because if Flare allowed Windows users to plough then that would be like Flare saying it’s okay for you to steal money from them. When ever gems are exploited Flare losses potential revenue. So don’t get your hopes up.

i just reminding them what windows feel their are being unbalanced!  :slightly_frowning_face:

What kind of joke is this ?


Just to remind you:

There were NO free video gems or similar from the start of RR2 for a long time. Neither were there chamber of fortune, dungeons that have 1k gems as a reward or most of the achievements that you can now complete by just playing the game in order to get a lot of gems as reward.


Would you say that every player that started earlier with RR2 should be given e.g. 10k gems to compensate for all those won battles without chamber of fortune feature?


Also, there are Windows users amongst the top players, so I guess the disadvantage of Windows users compared to the average non-Windows user can’t be too big.


Oh and, what about bad internet connection? Should you get compensated for that, too? Etc etc…


can we respect each other?.. sorry, if u dont believe to me…  :rolleyes:

Just give window users a way to earn food easily like the android/ios users. It doesn’t have to be tapjoy videos but could be something that will still be beneficial to Flare. 

King joelie you are this close to gettin a permanent ban

hell screw it while were at it lets all just have unlimited gems and gold and we can have all the toys…no this is a stupid idea stop ploughing you cheap asses BUY some gems SUPPORT the game you play its not a right to be able to play…

Do you have any idea what you are asking from flare ?

This is unreal !

You must be joking !!

ok im out. sorrry,

It is true that windows users have nothing do against others players, but it does not give us the right to do illegal things. I don’t see a clear future for windows users in this game since all that flare games says is “we are on it”. Yeah flare has to deal with Microsoft politics but we already have suggested many ideas but still… .l.

Any way don’t ask for crazy things maybe in the future flare will give us a nice compensation.

can’t wait! now rr2 got 400,000 likes . they should also big a next update but the raffle.  :mellow:

I never saw rules for this game. So there is no real illegal/legal thing in my eyes. Its more of common sense and ploughing is beyond how a game should be played. As long as Devs do not publish rules they have to stop this with game mechanics and not complain. As far as I can see this is what happens. Flare never complained they adressed it with changes to the game.

The only ones that complain are players here…

Well just dont come to getsatisfaction forums or these forums and QQ if you get banned. 

Windows, Android and IOS players do not NEED videos or facebook to make progress. I am on Android and have never used either, I have bought gems, why, because the game deserves the investment from its players and without it there will be no game. Windows users get cheaper gems than me, so maybe that’s the offset/payback they receive.

if it makes you feel better my android phone i play a small second account on gets crap tons more discounts then my main on windows pc

I’m fine with it, I choose not to use fb or tapjoy, but I was trying to make the point that if you support the game with some payment neither are essential to progress.