Pls add feature for gatekeeper


im not sure if this has been raised before, but is it possible that we can see the introduction of a dual setting labelled ATTACK/DEFEND on the gatekeeper (ie. Much like the three settings on the base layout). Reason I ask is that Perseus is my war hero, but also my gate defender. Now the settings to defend the gate are completely different defensively than the ones used on the offensive.

Not sure if other players agree, but I personally think it would add value to the game


Cheers guys

Item sets would be extremely convenient indeed and this is something I would love to see

Dual settings? Attack/defend? Is this about having the option to seperate items equipped by gate defender and war hero? 

Yes, that’s correct. It would probably be an option on the gate defender where you could set him up to defend, but also set him up as a war hero if using the same hero 

I would go as far as adding 2-3 item sets for ALL heroes. Getting tired of equipping and re-equipping my “Anti-charon”, “Anti-Nyx” and “Anti-Artemis” sets through individual items all the time. 

I would like that if we get the ability to mark items, to know which ones we want to keep and sell/use as forge material… or at least get a warning message when we’re about to sell/forge an item in a set.

I think the restriction offers an interesting decision the player has to make. Do you take Perseus to war and have him be weak on defense, or do you train up another hero to use in war and have a stronger defender? The real problem is that Perseus is really the only viable gate defender. That’s not a good situation. If more heroes were viable defenders, you could choose one that you set up for defense only without locking yourself out of using perseus. And they’d be more variety in general.

I’ve met very harsh Jasons, Achilles and more rarely, Cadmus and Prometheus as statues … even if Perseus is surely the most popular. 

I know of one very tough Ajax, nearly as tough as some of the best perseuses, and very very rarely you come across a different hero being used that’s challenging. But all of the nearly unkillable statues are perseus right now, not always with a mirror shield either. Making a different statue unkillable relies on bugged cursed items with damage reflection. Perseus is the only one that anyone can make challenging.

In my opinion, its not about Perseus per say, but damage reflect in general. The one thing that makes it viable is that it is essentially an AOE nuke that would deteriorate anything dealing damage to Perseus. Now, Perseus shines here not just because of his shield, but mainly because of the medusa’s gaze spell, which a) petrifies and b). multiplies  the damage counter. Thus, although you are reflecting, lets say, 30%, with that spell your enemies would be getting up to 90% easily. So, all you need for a perfect defender then is resist to things like fire, physical and poisonous/lightning damage, particularly to rule 100% immune units out. Hence, I believe that it is the damage reflect mechanics that should be adjusted, essentially nerfing Perseus and making other options, such as high dmg (Herc/Prom), Unit ball (Ariadne, Cadmus) and Support/Convert (Helen, Jason, Achilles) viable too, if those are built appropriately.

There is a bug that hasn’t been fixed yet.

I can beat Perseus (statue/ defender) easily using Artemis lvl 16 with stag, thunder ice and poison even he has unique item (mirror shield)

Almost every heroes with Shield are Great as a Gatekeeper all you need is to customise them in such way… Heroes without shield are also good in defending but Shield heroes gets an extra advantage over them… 

Persues is surely one of the Best but not the only best… I have seen some very good Cadmus Athena Achilles Ajax Helen Hercules Jason as Gatekeepers… And I can also use almost any hero as my Gatekeeper… 


Mirror shield? everyone including me wants it … But every hero have reflection items … Mirror shield provide more reflection but that doesn’t matter 10%~30% reflection on Gatekeeper Don’t have big noticeable difference

Right now I use a cursed shield + cursed ring to achieve the minimum requirement of 12%… Whereas the shield itself would easily give me 15 o so. It is more of a slot optimization, I have to use reflect there in place of something much more useful, such as extra resist or two (I have a couple of those rings too)

Well, there are couple of things to consider: a) He may be downright crap in terms of build  b). The unique can be downright crap too, as well as the fact that by itself the reflect is not bad. It is when it is coupled with 3+ reflections, one of which is 70+ physical damage when the things really go sideways. c) What is your level again? And what was the level difference between you guys? Most of the monster-Perseus things that one-hit my entire army and hero alike reside somewhere within 126+ realm

I am at lvl 125 (AK47NAPC) … 

Who told you bro that you need minimum 12% reflection … I have 9% damage reflection on Gatekeeper and I can get reflection from the Dress but it’s of no use …My Persues can wipeout the Whole army in one single swipe… 

my Artemis is lvl 16 with 4 power slot, my ascencion lvl is 96. Stag, thunder charge, poison and hail storm are all lvl one. I can defeat a 110 ascension lvl Perseus with his mirror shield. One thing why i win is that Artemis Combo powers with thunder charge. So technically, Artemis is one of the powerful heroes when you use her powers right plus her troops (cyclops and phoenix) (and equipped good masteries including potency, damage reflection and area damage) (with broken cursed items possessing demolition chance, etc) that she can defeat even mighty Perseus with mirror shield… One of he hardest Gate Guard i encountered is Ajax with his Unique Shield…

Perseus is optimal for a number of reasons. He has a shield for physical resist. He has naturally high health and attack speed to maximize life on hit. He has a damage boost to help kill troops. His unique power works extremely well for crowd control and it’s useful when it gets cast at the start of the battle. On top of all of that his mirror shield is the easiest way to make an optimal defender if you get lucky enough to find one, and it’s no less rare than getting 2 pieces of high quality DR cursed gear. Other defenders can be fine if you have lucky drops. Ajax has a lot of physical resist naturally and his power isn’t terrible. He’s quite good if you have his unique armor. But Perseus is much easier to level up and his power is still better.

I’ve fought exactly one good Cadmus statue (kobold instikt’s) and I’m sure it relies on some very cool, possibly bugged, cursed gear.

Helen’s spell is fine but she doesn’t have the natural ability to tank the way Perseus does. She’s really missing out on the weapon speed, meaning that you have to choose between weapon speed and life on hit.

Jason doesn’t have a shield and he wastes the first cast of his power every single time you fight him. I’ve never once fought a good Jason statue.

Athena doesn’t have the damage to be a good defender anymore. She was good before she got nerfed. Her spell is fine but not as good as Perseus’.

Hercules is good at low levels where he can kill low-health heroes. After level 60 or 70 I can’t see anyone be successful using him.

Just my take. I only run across a few statues that I can’t kill quickly these days, and the ones I can’t kill are very special. They’re all Perseus except for 1 Ajax.

Yes (kobold)Cadmus is awsm We both have a healthy competition to beat eachothers defence now a days … 

As i said bro every hero with Shield can be made aswm Gatekeeper i have helen reflection dress and I could have made her my Gatekeeper with lot’s of LOH (14K i guess is LOH) and Attack speed at the same time … It totally depends on you and your items to whom to prefer to make Gatekeeper i personally use Persues because i don’t use him much?

I have a reflection shield for helen and I can get over 20K LoH with 75% CD. She can’t tank long enough to make it work. And I’ve tried, because if I could make a great trap defender with someone besides Perseus I’d get a lot of attacks during war. It relies on getting some really crazy gear, like whatever Kobold has for his Cadmus. Everyone can make a great Perseus with completely normal gear, no cursed items. He has all the natural advantages.