Pls Give leaders the authority to reduce the size of the alliance

I would like the flare to be able to downgrade the alliance level at any time in the leader’s settings.
This is about the alliance matching of alliances that have lost members too.
A small alliance friend gave a general to a Japanese who recently visited the alliance and started to enjoy this game, but he did not know such a fine system
(The game doesn’t have an explanation of the alliance level, donation amount and matching, so it’s not clear)
He used all his donations to raise his level.
He pushed a lot of traps⇑ next to his usual donations.

It is a major accident for users who have carefully nurtured alliances.

Matching has led to a large alliance that can’t be won by just the members who are present. The hurdles to the always-on victory boost have become very high.

Both my friend and I are eager to downgrade alliance levels.

············· Other users suddenly appointed as leaders of large alliances (members are mostly inactive) or large alliances but now out of balance An alliance where players who play in the game are transferred, leaving only the leader and a few friends.
Easy alliances like my alliance that you want to run only with dear friends without so much invitation. . .
I think Flare understands that there are various forms of alliances that are still with the leaders.

No matter what the alliance is, you can adjust the matching and ninja hurdles
(If you can only release the elite boost that you have earned in the level afterwards
With passion, leaders will manage their alliance and hopefully enjoy the match.)
The leaders of the luxurious abandoned house all of course are users who love RR2 and log in every day.
I always have the same feelings.

Flare should not leave such users indefinitely. Give them a chance to reform their alliance.

What about creating a new team? Of course not very attractive, since you must put a lot of gold into growth to unlock new levels and release boosts, but that can be the only way.

Legend of Galactic Heroes “Free Planet Alliance”
The name of this alliance in Japanese"自由惑星同盟”
A friend named after the famous SF · novel alliance in Japan loves the alliance.

At that alliance we were also preparing Phoebe.
He occasionally saved special donations while saving donations.
Even if it was small, it had been prepared for over a year.

The same name can no longer be assigned to the alliance.
Thank you for the kind answer.:blush:
He will always love the alliance with the same calmness and passion.:wink:

Hi Aslan,
Thanks for sharing your concern and idea.
We currently have no such plans.
Thank you!

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