pls remove 11 minutes video for free food

Please remove the Kellogs video. Not too sure why anyone would want to watch a 11 minutes advertisement to get a 1 battle worth of food for it.

Gees! They have an 11 minute video for Kellogs. What could they possibly say that much about a cereal. I would be sick of Kellogs by then!

There’s one from CVS that is long too. I just don’t understand the point of it…

I even don’t have videos for free food since weeks ago  :slightly_frowning_face:



Did you recover your account to android from a Windows device?


No, I always played on Android plataform.

And videos were working till a few weeks ago


PS: if you don’t QUOTE I don’t get a notification for your reply

Did you submit a support request to If not, click on CONTACT US (at the bottom of the page on mobile or the top right of on a computer). Let them know and they should direct you to the right place to correct this issue. There is a backlog of requests so please be patient. If days go by, reply to the email you received with “Checking Status.” Reply back here and let us know the solution or delay.

Silly question but have you submitted a support request?


Nope, it happened before but never for so long

Submit a support request. I would love to hear back on what they have to say.


The support team is taking too long to reply tickets lately. Im still waiting replies for tickets sent 1 week ago 

Same problem on iPad Air with iOS 8.4. since yesterday (14.07. at afternoon - Germany) I don’t have any videos for free food, too. Videos were working before yesterday.

Today I submited a support request. Some friends in alliance from USA have same problems.


Regards nem