pls remove +5 lv king package / add - 5 lv king instead

I have recently bought a +5 king level package and it was the worst decision that I have made in this game. Not only did I gain very little from it, my king has became a big liability for the alliance as the increase in level without the corresponding increase in base defence meant that I was losing lots of skulls during the war 20k skulls.

This is the worst package ever. please remove it so that others do not suffer the same fate.

Further I would be willing to pay for the decrease in king level so please add that if possible.

You had to know that if you bought that package only your king level up and not your base of course…

To not forget that +5 king levels increase both Hero and Tent if we wanna intend also this, but to level up your base doesn’t exist package but only willpower on do it

Also if you lose 20K skulls during War Season, it’s not your fault if other alliance’s members attack you continuously…instead for this you should improve your base so they can win less skulls if your base is enough strong against enemies players.

But losing skulls in wars has nothing to do for your “gain” of +5 king’s levels…

I really don’t see the problem, you did a good purchase !


Moreover, decreasing the king level (thing impossible to do it, even if you contact the Support, they aren’t able to do it) it’s a real self-harm, one day you will discover that what you did was a good choice and once you will be at high level where reach the max level 120 (currently) it’s a real extremely “mission impossible”, you will congrats with your-self for what you did  :grinning:

Many player would like to get +5 king levels, but unfortunately seems that it appear during only at low-mid game play-life (someone correct me if i’m wrong).

funny that u think this package is bad for everyone in the game. At least ur opinion does not represent mine. 

lulz , I want the package

What would be nice is something like:

(Infinite Food until 5 levels from now!) Package

skull = 6 * kingLevel + 300

you will give 30 more skull, that’s it, not the end of the world.

So, you got great items from high levels and want to hide? What a nonsence? :slight_smile: